4 Circles of Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

The 4 Circles of Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

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 Circle 1: Family and close Friends


11350018_10153347772864661_460229629_nThis is your core support for your campaign and the first people you need to contact after launching your campaign. They are your parents, your best friends and your relatives and they are the people who will be your strongest supporters throughout your athletic career. Not only will they gladly support your dreams, but they will also lend legitimacy to your campaign by showing their support; speak with them in person, call them, and email them.In the first 24 hours of your  campaign, all the people in this circle should have pledged their support and should male up about 10-20% of your campaign goal.


Circle 2:Friends and colleagues



You’re ready for social media ! These are your schoolmates, coworkers, and fellow athletes. Like your first circle, they need to be asked directly;broad appeals only work after you’ve gaines traction with your audience. They cane reached through email and social media so update your Facebook bio and Twitter by-line to state your goals and add links to your PledgeSports campaign page. Don’t forget to personally thank your contributors and ask them to like, share, and retweet your updates !



Circle 3: Friends of friends


By now, you should be about 75% of the way to your target and you’ve built a strong base of supporters who believe in your goal! Now, you need to reach out to the third circle; this group is made up of people who don’t know you and they will only contribute if your story is compelling and relatable. So tell your story though your pictures and videos. Be active on social media and post updates on your progress-people want to know where their money is going!  And don’t forget to thanks them for their generosity! Once you’ve successfully rallied the support of the third circle you’ve ready for the 4th: The Crowd



Circle 4: The crowd

Untitled design Welcome to the Crowd! If you’ve successfully gained the support of the other circles then you’re    ready to start contacting local newspapers, industry bloggers, or even your sport’s governing body. If you’re looking for sponsorship, think about contacting businesses now, you have a wealth of fans behind you and that will be attractive to companies looking to expand their audience. At this point, your goal is all but met and hopefully your contact with  media sources has paid off, allowing the Crowd to pick up your campaign and run with it until your target amount is met. Congratulations on your dedication.


At PledgeSports,we’re here to facilitate your campaign and help you as much as we can . However, you are ultimately the ones that will decide whether your campaign is a success or not. If you’ve read our guide and are prepared to give it all it takes ( and reap the rewards), contact us at :

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