To The Wonderful Women Running In The Women’s Mini Marathon

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In Dublin, Summer brings the Women’s Mini Marathon. It’s Ireland’s single largest charity event. It has raised €123 million to date with almost 500 thousand women (and dubiously dressed men!) having participated. This event is in essence “crowdfunding” at its most magnificent. The Women’s Mini Marathon brings the masses together under the umbrella of sport to get behind wonderful causes. Nothing unifies us better than sport and the Dublin Mini Marathon is testament to that.

The power of giving is underrated. We don’t give enough, nor do we remember how good it feels to give. I guarantee every man, woman and child who finish the Mini Marathon has a smile on their face. They don’t “get” anything from competing other than the knowledge that they contributed to something greater than themselves. That they made a difference. It may have been a small one, but every single person on that course together turns their ripple into a wave.

So from PledgeSports we’d like to wish all the ladies (and men) who are adding their ripple to the wave. Good luck!

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