Athlete of the Week: Tamara Maxantova

Tamara Maxantova is the latest athlete to run a project with us. She is awesome! Since starting racing in 2011, she has progressed from a beginner triathlete, to Olympic distance and has sailed straight forward to the ironman distance. Tamara finished her first ironman race in a brilliant 11hours 10minutes in 2011. In July 2014, she completed the Ironman Austria in an unbleivable 9hours 50minutes! And this is why she is our Athlete of the Week. Through hard work and dedication, Tamara has made it to the World Championships! Having missed out on her chance to compete in 2013 due to the costs of competing, we don’t want to see that happen again.

We caught up with her during the week to talk about her training and her life as an ironman athlete:

“I usually have 2 sessions a day most of days. It can be 3 over the weekends or on Wednesdays. I work 41 hours every week and my training schedule must be built around it. Weekends are always reserved for long bike sessions or runs and sea swims.

I find swimming most challenging discipline.I have no background in it and I completed my first triathlon by swimming a breast stroke! Over the years I have progressed slowly by joining master swims. It wasn’t until I joined the Base2Race team that I finally started to feel comfortable and competitive in the water.

IM 11


Currently cycling is my strongest and most enjoyable discipline. I love long cycle sessions in the Wicklow Mountains and the Sally Gap is my favorite destination. Growing up with two older brothers, we always did crazy, speedy cycles around the neighborhood and that really stayed with me! When I first saw a tri bike it was love at first sight. I was fascinated by the look and speed it can produce.

My favorite running sessions are challenging treadmill runs. They always get me in the great shape!”

Tamara 2

“My diet consists of lots of vegetables and fruit. I snack on nuts,seeds and dried fruit. Good carbs (potatoes,rice) are always a part on my dinner plate and so does lean protein(mostly fish,seafood,chicken). The occasional treat does no harm but I try to limit them, which is sometimes hard as I am a cake and treats lover! And yes,I am a coffee addict!

There are many aspects which motivate me during tough sessions. The competitive athletes/friends who I train with, challenging races, qualification and racing in Kona, other triathletes stories, my niece who I want to be a role model for, my coach who believes in me. Of course there are days when I struggle but I always acknowledge that I love training and I love racing,it is something I enjoy doing!

And if there is any free time in this busy schedule of training, eating, working and recovering I like to go to movies,hang out and cook or bake for my friends. Or talk to my family in the Czech Republic on Skype.”

To support Tamara on her road to Kona, visit her project here.


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