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See what we’ve been up to at PledgeSports, read about our current crop of athletes and teams and hear about our wonderful news! We’ve been up to a lot at PledgeSports this month. Take a look at our featured campaigns and articles below, have a read and see how we’re changing the landscape of sport funding.


We’re delighted to announce #DaftyInARafty, have surpassed their goal of £3,000. Geoff Gritton raised the funds for Sail4Cancer, a charity the offers respite on the water for families with members suffering from cancer. We waived our fee on this campaign so that Geoff could raise the most money possible for a great cause.


PledgeSports is now active across the UK, the US and the EU! If you know a struggling athlete, your team needs to raise funds for that next big competition or you’re raising money to run an awesome sporting event then get in touch. We welcome all types of sport related fundraisers. You can raise the funds you need with PledgeSports.

This month we’ve paid out €10,000 to PledgeSports athletes! Since the birth of PledgeSports in February we’ve raised just over €70,000. We’re showing that crowdfunding is the future for athletes, teams and clubs raising money. Check out our blog here

Featured Campaigns


Send the Lladudno Junction U9’s to their first international tournament in Paris.

Help Olympian Brendan Boyce walk his to the Athletics European Championships in Zurich.

Top Articles this Month

We’ve got 10,000 Reasons for PledgeSports – this month we’ve paid out €10,000 to PledgeSports athletes
What It Means to Contribute to an Athlete – your support is more valuable than its monetary amount.
Read about our Athlete of the Week Russell White. He talks to us about triathlon, injury and the Europeans

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