Crowdfunding: The Future of Sports Fundraising

Blog 12.08.2014

Sports Fundraising Goes Online. Meet Sports Crowdfunding

CROWDFUNDING can never completely replace traditional methods of sports fundraising, but it has emerged as the perfect supplement to present sports funding.

In a time when all governing bodies have tight belts, funding for sports is become scarcer and more guarded than ever and athletes have to work harder than ever to earn it – if they even qualify for national sports funding.

The sports stars rising up the ranks are the hardest hit, but even established, medal and national championship-winning athletes are struggling two fund their sporting careers these days and it’s clear it’s time for a shift.

Could Sports Crowdfunding be the future of Sports Fundraising? Let’s find out.

Traditional Sports Fundraising


Teams and Clubs

IN the old world, without sports crowdfunding, a sports team or club that needed to raise money would turn to the old favourites: car washes, raffles, bake sales, packing groceries and holding collections in their local areas.

This is a great way of generating some additional resources, for sure. Residents in their area love to see their local team progressing and love to contribute to this kinds of sports fundraising.

These types of team fundraisers boost community support, but scope is somewhat limited; it doesn’t stretch beyond the town lines.


 Individual Athletes

ASIDE from being funded by friends and family, government support is a prevalent way talented sports people receive financial backing.

Although this can be brilliant for many athletes, not everyone is eligible to receive government sports funding; government spending cuts means governing bodies are under pressure to provide stricter criteria when allocating their funding, stripping some sports of their funding altogether, like Basketball and Weightlifting.

But these athletes still need funding if they are to continue to train to represent their countries. When they build a plan for sports fundraising they don’t tend to have the luxury of an entire sports team behind them.

Seeking sponsorship is a big option for the individual athlete and this can be simple to come by when all they are asking for is sports equipment, sports nutrition and sports kit.

Sports brands want their products associated with successful athletes so prove that and you’re in, but the stumbling block is hard cash for travelling to competitions and training. Where does that come from?

Enter Sports Crowdfunding

UNIVERSAL accessibility is the single thing that makes Sports Crowdfunding the future of Sports Fundraising.

Being online makes a sports crowdfunding campaign available and visible, quickly and easily to every person on the planet with an internet connection.

There’s no need to knock on doors or print mailshots or canvas, you spread the message about your sports fundraising campaign using Social Media, email and a bit of word-of-mouth.

There’s no need to fill out endless forms, wine-and-dine or sit in interviews to set up a sports crowdfunding project either. You sign up, set up and begin work on the important stuff right away; getting funding for your sports career.

Crowdfunding has the potential to reach anyone with an interest in your sport or goals, not just those in your locality or inner circle, and the exercise of running a sports crowdfunding project can turn the crowdfunder into a corporate sponsors dream.

The promotion you run on social media increases your followings. It also teaches you about promoting yourself or team and shows lurking sport sponsors that you know how to sell their product to your following: after all, you just managed to sell your goals to it.

Crowdfunding is an innovative way to generate sports funding for athletes, teams and clubs. By providing an online sports fundraising facility it has the power to directly connect sportspeople with their supporters, fan base and a strong network of individuals who believe in them and want to be a part of their athletic journey.




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