PledgeSports Success In Numbers

Here is what PledgeSports success looks like in numbers.

1oo0’s of athletes, teams and clubs

1000’s athletes, teams and clubs have raised money to progress their careers through sports crowdfunding with PledgeSports.  On top of individual athletes and teams we’ve had lot’s sporting bodies, clubs and event a ski resort successfully raise money on PledgeSports.

The best sports crowdfunding campaigns


Over the past few years, we have help raise 1,000,000’s in Euro/GBP & USD for people on our site.  The most successful campaign was for a ski resort who raised over 60K , followed by the Irish Olympic Hockey team in 2016 who raised a massive 50K.

Tens of millions!

We’ve had over 10 million page views on PledgeSports, last year alone we had nearly 2 million page views from over 800k users.  Our site gets visited @5k times per day from people all over the world.  PledgeSports is on the first page of google search for over 1000 key terms.

 Some great examples of crowdfunding successes

48 Countries

The athletes, teams and clubs that Pledge Sports has helped have come from 46 different countries: The main countries are England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Argentina, and the US.  But we’ve had fundraisers as far off as the ABC islands, 6 different countries in Africa and spreading across four continents, raising money in Euros, US Dollars and British Pounds.

50 + Sports

Our sports crowdfunding platform has fundraised for people and teams involved in 34 different sports from Equestrian to Water sports, Motorsports, Martial Arts, Boxing, Athletics, Hockey, Rugby, Football, Tennis and Triathlon. It has helped fund Paralympic and Olympic Qualification bids, National and World Championship training and travel costs.

Niche sports have also been very popular on our site, tchoukball, dog sledding, footgolf, are just some of the many niche sports we’ve covered.

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