Marathoner To Sing For His Adventure Funding

WATCH these hilarious #OperaticLandscapes videos and support Aleks Kashefi’s Adventure Funding campaign to get yourself in the next episode.

HAVE you met our barefoot, bearded runner Aleks Kashefi? He’s planning to run from the top to the bottom of Europe, that’s 4,750miles from Norway to Sicily – and he’s going to do it barefoot.

Yep, that’s the kinda guy Aleks is. He’s a 37-year-old teacher, planning to raise over £50,000 for charity as he runs 30-40 miles per day for 158 days on the famous E1 Trail, promoting his #GetOutside initiative.

He’s raising his adventure funding through PledgeSports, that’s the funding he needs to feed himself on this journey, and in return for support he’s going to sing!

#OperaticLandscapes is a hilarious video series that he started, showing off incredible scenery with the operatic backing track it deserves. As a reward to supporters of his adventure funding campaign, he’s dedicating whole episodes to PledgeSports fans. Take a look at what’s in store below.

The Fellsman Episode

The Off Button

The Fork Discovery

The Quiet Man

The Rock Moment

The Big Blue Sea

The Bog Graham Leg 3 Edition

And, let the thanking commence. . .

HERE we have the beginnings of Aleks Kashefi’s #OperaticLandscapes episodes dedicated to his lovely supporters. Don’t forget, you can get in on the next act by supporting his quest to conquer the E1Trail right here.

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