Paralympics Fundraisers Need Your Final Push

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LESS than 100 days out from the start of the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics, what are many of Britain and Ireland’s leading medal hopes doing? Worrying about fundraising.

They are worrying about fundraising for travel costs, for accommodation costs, for the latest equipment, the best nutrition, for extra time off work to train, for physiotherapy sessions, for training camps and everything else that it takes to compete with the best on the biggest stage in the world.

Their governing bodies Paralympics Ireland and ParalympicsGB are worrying about the same things; What if we deny an athlete the chance to be the best they can possible be? They repeat.

We are urging the public to give their Paralympians that final push to Rio 2016, to donate what they can to all Paralympics Fundraisers so that these disabled athletes can continue to show others what is possible.

They work and train harder than you can imagine, to succeed where others thought they couldn’t, providing hope to millions of disabled people. For the price of a sandwich or a couple of water bottles, you could contribute to that feeling that this is far more than sport.

Fund A Paralympian

Here are some of the brilliant Rio 2016 Paralympics hopefuls that are using for Paralympics Fundraisers. Find what you can to help these Superhumans show Rio what Britain and Ireland are made of!

Ryan Crouch, British S9 Cat. Swimmer

Ryan Crouch, disability swimmer and coach, Rio 2016 Paralympics Fundraiser

Louise Hunt, British Wheelchair Tennis Player

Louise Hunt, British Wheelchair Tennis Player, Rio 2016 Paralympics Fundraiser

Damien Vereker & Marcin Mizgayski, Irish Tandem Cyclists

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 4.10.18 p.m.

Rob Womack, British Seated Shot-Putter

Rob Womack, British Seated Shot-Putter, Rio 2016 Paralympics Fundraiser

Funded Rio 2016 Paralympians

Thank you to everyone who so generously gave to all the Rio 2016 Paralympic hopefuls who have used to fundraise while working towards their qualification and eventual selection for the Games. Here’s just a few of the names on the #RoadToRio thanks to you.

Katie-George Dunlevy & Eve McCrystal, Irish Tandem Cyclists

Katie-George Dunlevy & Eve McCrystal, Irish Cyclists, Rio 2016 Paralympics Fundraiser

Carly Tait, British Wheelchair Racer

Carly Tait, British Wheelchair Racer, Rio 2016 Paralympics Fundraiser

Lucy Shuker, British Wheelchair Tennis Player

Lucy Shuker, British Wheelchair Tennis Player, Rio 2016 Paralympics Fundraiser

Are you training for the Rio 2016 Paralympics? Inspired by the athletes above? Then email us and tell us your #SportStory and we’ll try to put you on the Road To Rio too –


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