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Is Dressage your passion? Do you dream of becoming a champion of the sport? Is it your ambition to follow in the footsteps of the forefathers of Dressage, like Federico Grisone, William Cavendish and Gustav Steinbrecht? Do you you strive to be a great revolutionary, like Charlotte Dujardin or Debbie McDonald?

If so, PledgeSports can help you reach your goal. From the earliest steps of your career, to the most elite level of the sport, we can help in fundraising Dressage.

In fundraising Dressage with us, you will become part of one of the top sports crowdfunding platforms. By joining PledgeSports, you will be giving yourself the best opportunity of getting the equipment and training you need, covering tournament costs, and being financially supported as you progress through the Dressage ranks.

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In addition to fundraising Dressage, being part of PledgeSports’ platform means access to a wider fanbase, potential corporate sponsorship and media coverage. All of which contribute towards the funding you need.

Our campaigns are tailored to meet the individual needs of each fundraising project. In creating a campaign you can present yourself to the Dressage community through writing your story, uploading images and video, sharing your social media links and rewarding those who contribute to fundraising Dressage.

Fundraising Dressage – Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it though. Emma Cahill, the Irish Paralympian who showed us all how fundraising Dressage is done. Emma raised almost €7,000 with PledgeSports. Check out her testimonial.

Our success stories in equestrian sports do not begin and end with fundraising Dressage. We have worked with projects who raised money for the likes of showjumping and eventing also. For example, Monmouthshire PPC Team, who raised just shy of £1,500 with us on their way to qualifying for the Horse Of The Year Show 2015.

Our track record in sports crowdfunding and fundraising for equestrian sports is extensive to say the least. Get in touch with PledgeSports today and lets work together to achieve your ambitions.


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