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The local club is the heartbeat of any rugby community. It provides a lifestyle, a passion and a sense of belonging for those involved. Fundraising for your local rugby club is key to its existence and its success, and that is where PledgeSports can help you and your local club keep up the great work.

Crowdfunding is a powerful platform which can grow the reach of fundraising for your local rugby club by tenfold. In general terms, your average fundraiser may involve 100 people from the locality who contribute financially to the club. With crowdfunding, fundraising for your local rugby club can go beyond the norm and reach 1000s of people, thus raising more money.

With PledgeSports you get a really simple online link that anyone, anywhere in the world can make donations to. It is that easy. ┬áThis means that the club’s alumni and those who have moved abroad but still want to be part of the cub, can she their support in seconds.


The link will take contributors straight to your PledgeSports page. Our platform is designed to get your club’s message across through writing the club’s story, uploading imagery and video content, linking the club’s social media platforms, and creating rewards for those who contribute to your campaign.

PledgeSports puts your club’s fundraising at the finger tips of every contributor, which gives the club the best chance possible of raising the funds that they need. We are a digitally-driven business and use effectively use social media to get your club’s fundraising efforts in front of the people who are most likely to contribute.

PledgeSports’ service is all-inclusive and provides the necessary tools your club will need in order to bring their campaign to fruition and make it a real success.

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A contribution can be the difference between making and breaking a club’s ambition. All contributions, regardless of their size, bring clubs closer to achieving their goals and progressing the work they do for the local community.

Fundraising for your local rugby club can give it opportunities that they may never have had before, simply because without PledgeSports, raising a high volume of money did not seem a possibility. Now, it is a reality. What seemed unattainable before is now within reach.

Crowdfunding with PledgeSports provides a solution that makes fundraising for your local club a lot more effective than the traditional methods which have gone before.

There is no need to knock on doors, print mailshots or canvas. You spread the message about your sports fundraising campaign using social media, email and some classic word-of-mouth.

Be done with filling out endless forms, wine-and-dining potential sponsors or sitting in interviews to set up a sports crowdfunding project either. You sign up, set up and begin work on the important stuff right away; fundraising for your local rugby club.

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