5 Creative Ways To Get Out Of Bed On A Cold Morning

Turns out Game Thrones was right all along. Winter was coming, and now that it’s here one of the most difficult things to conquer is finding ways to get out of bed on a cold morning.

Thankfully, we have all the advice you need to beat those dark, frosty mornings and take that all impressive step, crawl or tumble out from under your duvet.

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1. Hope Your Electric Blanket Catches Fire

Your average person will identify this as a bad thing, but don’t be fooled. Honestly, if you stay in bed while your mattress turns to ashes then there’s really no helping you.DSC_0004-300x200

As soon as you get into bed the night before, crank that bad boy up as high as it goes. The increasing warmth will put you to sleep and keep you toasty the whole night through. By morning you will have no choice but to bail out of there.


If, by chance, you don’t have an electric blanket that’s completely fine. Black Friday sales are upon us, you can pick up one of these fool-proof alarm clocks for next to nothing.

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2. Wear Everything You Own To Bed

One of a cold morning’s biggest drawbacks is waking up and acknowledging the fact that you have so much to do should you actually get out of bed – including getting dressed.friends-joey

By wearing all your clothes to bed, not only will you be dressed for the next day, but you’ll be snug for the entire night.

Well rested and well dressed, could there be a better combination?

Probably not.


3. Make A Bed in Your Car

This one of our favourite ideas, because as well as being a great way of getting up on a cold morning, it’ll also save you a pile of cash on rent.FVVL9Y5GZKG2WI9.LARGE

It’s the 21st Century, any car worth its salt has a heater of some sorts. If you’re one of those lucky folk who have heated seats then you have no excuse not to at least try this.

Bonus Point: Sleeping in your car means you don’t even need to go outside. Wake up, get dressed, go to work. You win my friend, you win.

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4. Fake Sick

We’ve all done it, there’s no shame in it.

Getting out of bed on a cold morning is only challenging because your brain reasons with itself.ferris-steps

You know what’s reasonable? Giving your brain a break.

Get on the phone to your boss and perform a few of your best sympathy coughs.

Presto, getting out of bed isn’t a problem this morning.


5. Alternatively, Quit Your Job & Stay In Bed

This one will make all your worries go away. enhanced-14520-1428739902-7

Your friends might say things like, “You’re a 39 year-old man with 4 kids, you can’t quit your job”, or “It’s coming up to Christmas, you’ll need the money.”

Let us share a secret with you. People who say things like that aren’t really your friends at all, they’re just jealous.

Plus, you never really liked that job anyway.

Be honest, your dream job never included getting up at 6.30am to stack shelves in Asda. In fact, you’ve always wondered why any shelves need to be stacked at that time. Get out of there!

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