Life In The Fast Lane: Kim Murray Talks Winter Sports

Founder & CEO of PledgeSports, Richard Pearson, recently caught up with British skeleton athlete and PledgeSports success story, Kim Murray

In this light-hearted chat the topics range from winter sports and favourite colours to spending lotto winnings, and everything in between.

Here is what happened when Richard met Kim. Enjoy!


What’s your favourite colour?!
I think it would be sky blue.

Excited to be back sliding after the summer?
I am indeed, it’s been a long and good summer but its time to get back to sliding and put it all together.

Do you find life on the road tough or great fun?
A bit of both to be honest. I travel with a great bunch of people and we have fun; there is always a lot of cackling going on. However living out of a case gets old as does moving somewhere new every week. I take lots of home comforts with me so that I can feel at home wherever I am which helps and I am also pretty pro at packing now.kimmurrayportrait

You were in athletics in a previous life and then changed to winter sports and sliding, how come?
I’d hit my expiry date as a long jumper due to injury. But I enjoyed training and liked defining myself as an athlete. Around this time I watched the Sochi Winter Olympics and saw that UK Sport and British Skeleton were searching for new talent and thought I’d give it a go! I never really thought that I’d get as far as I have though! I’m just seizing the opportunity; it’s my dream to be a professional athlete.

How fast can you go?
My PB speed is 124 kph from 2015, and I hit 122 kph on a slower track in Lillehammer last month. I love going fast, it is one of my strengths as a slider.

Ever had any bad crashes?
I’ve had a couple crashes, one causing concussion but nothing worse. You’re always on the edge in this sport, it is part of it. I crashed out of my first race this season in Sigulda which was gutting. I actually crashed because I got something right and was travelling faster than usual and didn’t deal with it appropriately. Up until that point the race was going really well!

We are highly aware of the mental and physical effects injuries have on professional athletes like yourself, how do you fill the void when injured?
Fortunately I work with a great science and medical team so theres always plenty to be getting on with when injured.

Do you compensate not training with something else?
I usually end up doing more training when injured as rehab just takes up so much time!Screen-Shot-2015-11-11-at-22.29.52

How do you cope mentally?
I like to blog, I also like to keep working with my teammates rather than being isolated.

Saturday night in, book or movie?
Book, I love reading and am always keen for book recommendations if anyone has any.

If you won the lotto tomorrow what would you do?!
Apart from going on an exotic holiday and a shopping spree? Employ someone to look after and carry my sled around on circuit! It weighs just under 30 kg as is a pain to lug around everywhere! I’d also get a house in Bath so that I’m not homeless over winter!


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