Make It Rain: Top 5 Tips For Crowdfunding Success

YOU know your crowdfunding project has a great purpose, but that needs to be communicated to your audience.  How do you make your campaign stand out from the crowd?

Here are our top tips to take your crowdfunding to the next level…

1. Be Likeable

Hate to point out the blatantly obvious, but if people don’t like your campaign they aren’t going to give you money.crowdfunding

When you’re writing your story always keep in mind “If I was reading this, what would make me support this person money?”

Demonstrate how passionate you are about what you’re trying to achieve. Doing this helps others to believe in your idea.

People want to get to know you. Where you’re from, your background, why you want to do this – all of this information makes you more familiar and allows others to see your project from your perspective.

Once they believe in your cause, they will help you spread the word and reach a wider audience , thus leading to a more successful crowdfunding campaign.

2. Create & Post Original Content

Your campaign is unique to you, so make it unique to your supporters too. One way to do this is by posting original content for your supporters to enjoy.

The internet and social media are so saturated with the same old posts and photos that this is really your chance to be different and separate yourself from the crowd.stand-out-from-the-crowd

Create posts and content that add value to the reader and leave them wanting to come back for more.

Posting good quality pictures, videos and inspirational content are a must and are great ways to engage followers. From there, people are more likely to share your content with their friends.

3. Consistently Engage Your Audience

Social media presence is a critical factor in successful campaigns, so take the time to connect with those that show interest in your campaign.charisma-624032

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Email (very important) are all useful social networking sites that will allow you to precisely and quickly interact with those following you.

These are also very heavily followed platforms, so sharing your content on these networks is likely to garner the best results.

Building a strong social media foundation gives your campaign a more personable element; thus, increasing your likability, which is more likely to increase the number of followers your campaign attracts.

4. Roll Up Your Sleeves

It’d be great if crowdfunding campaigns ran themselves, but unfortunately this isn’t the case. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it successfully.Elbow-Grease

That’s not to say we won’t help you along the way, but when it comes to crowdfunding you really get out of it what you put in. 

Successful crowdfunding campaigns require work. This includes updating followers on what you’ve been doing, answering questions and marketing to your targeted demographic.

5. Network With The Right People

A great way to give your campaign a jolt is to connect with influential individuals within your particular field. Reach out to people that already have amassed a following and ask them to help you promote your campaign.artikull3

The more friends or followers a group/individual has on social media, the greater potential for a positive impact on your campaign. The reach of your campaign grows exponentially when shared by the right people.

Everyone can benefit from using influencers. It may take you a little while to find who the influencers in your sport or cause is, but when you find them you have a very useful resource for making your crowdfunding a success.



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