13 Most Unlucky Sports Accidents Ever

1. Silva Snaps

On December 28th, 2013, UFC legend Anderson Silva faced Chris Weidman in a rematch for the Middleweight belt Silva had lost at UFC 162 earlier that year. Unfortunately for Silva, it didn’t exactly go to plan. Take a look.

2. Dr Darius Vassell

In 2002, Aston Villa striker Darius Vassell was out of action for three weeks. Why? Because he used a power drill to try and reduce some swelling on his big toe. Smart move, Darius.

3. New Balls Please

US tennis player Marty Fish served up an ace for one ball boy during the 2011 Madrid Open. The kid took it like a champ, trying to laugh off his unfortunate situation. To this day we’re convinced Fish meant to do it.

4. Glenallen Hill Hates Creepy Crawlies

Hill is a former Major League baseball player. In 1990 he he woke from a nightmare about spiders chasing him, and in a frightened semiconscious state, he fell through a glass table and suffered scrapes and bruises on his feet, knees and elbows. He missed 15 days of playing.

5. Life changing Moment

This young skateboarder’s life flashed before his eyes when this stunt went wrong…

6. The Self-Knockout

In 1934, golfer Bobby Cruickshank celebrated a miraculous shot by flipping his club into the air. It was the perfect moment until the club landed on Cruickshank’s head, knocking him unconscious.

7. Slam Dunk Misery

Milwaukee Bucks’ baller Andrew Bogut was set up for his moment of glory, all he had to do was dunk the ball. Ouch!

8. Flippin’ Hell

LA Kings ice-hokey player Dustn Penner is a pioneer of the most unlucky injuries. In September 2012 he strained the muscles in his back by part-taking in the most extreme of activities – eating pancakes.

9. Breaking News

You know when you watch something horrific and get that feeling in the pit of your stomach?

10. Celebrations Gone Wrong

Back in 1997 when concussion wasn’t such a rife discussion, NFL player Gus Frerotte celebrated a touchdown by head butting a wall. This was quickly followed by a trip in the ambulance.

11. Nut For The Feint-Hearted

Two words: Slow motion.

12. Bless You

Baseballer Sammy Sosa’s career became a bit of a laughing stock after he was exposed for steroid use. The highlight of his laughable career comes from 2004 when an aggressive sneeze pulled ligaments in his lower back.

13. Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Remember when Guitar Hero was cool? We bet Joel Zumaya sure does. The former Tigers fireballer played so much that he managed to injure his wrist during the playoffs, missing a key part of Detroit’s run to the World Series that season.


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