NFL Season Preview 2017

Now that the dust has settled on the greatest Superbowl comeback of all time, we can think about leaving looking to the future and the clean slate that is the 2017 NFL season.

Each team will carry the ambition of making the 12-team playoffs, but how will the regular season play out? Here is our NFL Season Preview 2017.

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The usual big guns will be undoubtedly out in force in the AFC this coming season. The Patriots and the Steelers are clear cut favourites to advance to the playoffs and challenge for the Lombardi trophy too. A successive Superbowl victory would see New England equal the Steelers’ record of six titles, so there is a lot riding on what could be an historic year of football.

That doesn’t mean turn a blind eye to the rest of the AFC franchises. There are many teams who could take the wind out of the sails of the aforementioned sides.

There are the defending AFC West champions Kansas City. Also, keep watch on Oakland, they have a young team who show promise and could make a real run at the playoffs should their key players stay fit. Finally, there’s Denver, they have a rock solid defence capable of holding their own in the fiercest of battles.


The Falcons will be looking to take flight once again this coming season having gassed out in the most crucial of moments against Brady & Co. We suspect their wounds have been licked and their rock-solid squad will be ready to redeem themselves come Week 1.

The NFC stretches far beyond Atlanta however, and a franchise like the Dallas Cowboys will is certainly be making a stab at the playoffs and beyond. Other contenders for thew top spots come from the 2011 and 2014 Superbowl champions, Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks.

Worthy hat tips go to the New York Giants and the Carolina Panthers. The Giants look to be building a really solid team for the coming year, could their puzzle pieces finally be falling into place? As for the Panthers, we all saw their deterioration during the playoffs last season, but their regular season was phenomenal. Maybe an early shower in last year’s playoffs was exactly what the team needed to better themselves this year, we shall see.

What To Expect

Much will happen between now and the beginning of the season with drafts currently ongoing etc. In our eyes, it’s hard to look past the Patriots once again. The momentum from a victory like the one they produced at the NRG Stadium earlier this year will make them a tough unit to slow down. But, this the NFL and much stranger things have been known to happen.

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