Beat The Monday Blues With PledgeSports

Beat The Monday Blues

For some Monday motivation we have got some great motivational quotes from some sports movie legends, these are sure to inspire even the lowliest soul on a Monday morning!

6f6c875d1a4d48ad14c5a5ee50460b11For your entertainment, we’ve put together a list of the Best Fictional Sports Characters of all time. These 10 characters will drum up so much nostalgia and side-splitting laughter you’ll forget it’s Monday!

We’ve also gone and compiled the World’s Most Dangerous Sports. When you see these videos you might just appreciate the safety of your office cubicle a little bit more… Maybe.

Finally, after our hugely popular series on “The Fittest Sport”, we went the opposite direction and took a look at the pint-guzzling, sedentary athletes of the sporting world with the Most Unfit Sports.

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Ali-Liston_IIIf you’re still not ready to face Monday, fear not – we have something more to make you feel better about yourself.

Just be thankful you don’t have a name like some of these poor folks!

The most unfortunate or funniest names in sport


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