New Startup Empowers Fans with Online Sports Courses


A new tech startup called Qoach (pronounced as “coach”) is offering online training and coaching lessons for loads of different sports. It’s a brilliant concept which gives anyone anywhere in the world access to sports coaching and training without the cost.

They currently provide hundreds of free sports courses containing thousands of online videos for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Each course teaches specific skills, techniques and tactics on a particular sport.

They cover major sports like football (American and soccer), baseball, basketball, tennis, swimming, volleyball, lacrosse, MMA and even eSports and yoga. The lessons are arranged in progressive order from top to bottom just like how any coach would train you.

Some of the recognized coaches are from IMG Academy, Speedo International and include bowling coach Randy Petersen (winner of 13 PBA titles and PBA Hall of Famer), cricket coach Zubin Bharucha (former first-class cricketer former team director of Rajasthan Royals), golf trainer Adam Bazalgette (two-time PGA Teacher of the Year winner), yoga master Adriene Mishler (who is also a Hollywood actor).

Some reputable online coaches are also coaching on the platform, such as Jared Montz former professional soccer player and founder of Online Soccer Academy and Peter Freeman, a USPTA Certified Elite Professional. Jordan Burroughs, the American world and Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling also offers a free course in wrestling.

Some of the courses feature top sports players like Terry Vaughn, CFL Hall of Fame player, and Holly Lyons, skateboarding world champion and Ryan Sheckler. Course participants are only required to follow the step-by- step instructions prepared in the course structures starting from lessons such as executing the correct stance to how to perform a more advanced technique.

People at Qoach realise that financial factor is becoming an increased burden for sports fans or athletes to take up or excel in sports. Travelling to competitions, overseas training trips and even hiring foreign coaches are some things that not every sportsman or sportswoman could easily afford.

Thus, Qoach was founded with the purpose of helping young and old, current and future athletes by reducing the cost to learn or train in a particular sport. By utilising digitally connected devices, they aim to spread high-quality sports training information and knowledge to anyone across the world using smartphones, laptops and PCs.

They were inspired by the javelin world champion, Julius Yego from Kenya who had to watch YouTube to learn the skill of throwing javelin.

Anyone can enrol in their online sports courses for free by registering at qoach So whether you are just looking for coaching or want to take up a new sport, they have you covered.

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