Team of the Week: Colombia Women’s Lacrosse

PledgeSports have the pleasure of working with some phenomenal athletes and teams. Every Friday we will choose one of them as the PledgeSports “Team of the Week”.

This week’s winners are the Colombia Women’s Lacrosse team. This group of 20 players share a collective dream of representing their country at the 2017 Lacrosse World Cup in London this summer.

It’s a long way from Bogota to London – 8,845km to be exact – but the team are prepared to go the distance and compete on Lacrosse’s greatest stage. To help fundraise their trip to the World Cup, Colombia Women’s Lacrosse has teamed up with PledgeSports.

By supporting Colombia Women’s Lacrosse, you are part of change that’s happening beyond sport and you are helping the team to build a better country. The implementation of lacrosse in Colombian culture has been an example of this change.

WhatsApp-Image-2017-01-03-at-3.34.01-PM-1024x768 (1)Lacrosse in Colombia promotes the inclusion of all social classes, the growth of players as individuals, and the development of individual and team working skills.

Likewise, the sport motivates young women to believe in themselves, which, according to members of the team, is very important within Colombian society as women are not valued the way they should. Hopefully, your support can help to change that.

The players of the Colombia Lacrosse team are more than athletes. They are passionate, committed and are a family dreaming of achieving a huge goal. They are girls who love the sport and want to leave the name of Colombia and of Latin America in the highest honours.

ColombiaU19The lacrosse project began in 2012 to provide a healthy and different alternative for the country’s youth.

Through the dedication of each member, participating in the Lacrosse World Cup 2017 is a strong possibility. Being invited to compete makes Colombia the only Latin American country to participate in a prestigious sporting event like this.

However, it is not yet a reality. The team need your support in funding their trip to London and covering the expenses of being there for the World Cup. Every $2 brings them 1km closer – if you would like to support the team you can do so by visiting their fundraising page.


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