Let’s talk food and sport with… Shirley McCay

20170706_172658The 2018 Hockey World Cup is being held in London, but all eyes are on Johannesburg this month as the Irish Women’s senior hockey team battle it out for a qualifying spot at the World League 3 series. Amongst the team are many household names to hockey fans, one of these names and leaders is Shirley McCay.

The Ulster Elks player is Ireland’s highest capped sportswoman with 239 International caps. Belfast born and raised, Shirley has been playing hockey from an early age and has fortunately never had a prolonged period of time away from the sport due to injury. Her longevity and endurance at the highest level of hockey is a testament to her athletic prowess and preparation.

As a full-time hockey coach with the Ulster Hockey Talent squads, she is imparting this knowledge and expertise to future stars on a daily basis. For all those caps Shirley has amassed over the years, not one, unfortunately, has been earned at a World Cup. Here’s hoping the Irish team earn their qualifying spot this month. I luckily got a few minutes out of Shirley’s busy schedule to ask her the following questions.’s Sinead Delahunty luckily got a few minutes out of Shirley’s busy schedule to ask her a few questions.

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