Raising money for good causes is something we can all get behind. So whether it’s a charity
football match between neighbouring pubs, a darts competition or an event at the local golf
club, the combination between sports and worthwhile causes is a winning one. However,
sometimes you want to find something a little bit different so as to attract attention to your
event. Here are some ideas for weird and wonderful sporting events which will help you to
stand out from the crowd!
The town of Cable in Wisconsin organises a rather unusual race every year to fund their
snowmobile club. The race involves pelting down the slopes on barstools with skis attached
to their legs, so not one for the faint-hearted! If you don’t live in snowy climes there are
plenty of other races to get people excited. Other examples of wacky races include the
famous ‘wife carrying’ race; the ‘running of the bulls’ in New Orleans where people dress as
bulls; and the Krispy Kreme challenge which involves eating 12 doughnuts halfway through a
5-mile run!
If you don’t fancy running, then how about an event involving something more stationary.
Golfer Rory McIlroy made his first TV appearance as an 8-year- old when he demonstrated
chipping golf balls into a washing machine on live TV. Competing in a chipping challenge is
certainly something you could incorporate into your charity fund-raiser. Or how about a
rock paper scissor contest: no expensive equipment required for that one! Dizzy basketball
is always good fun, where the competitors must spin round before trying to make a shot.
Just be careful to try that one on a soft surface. Egg throwing is always good fun – although
it can get a little messy. The participants throw a fresh (not boiled!) egg between them
without breaking it, then take a step back and try again. Last couple with an intact egg is the
By introducing a couple of props you can make an entertaining spectacle which translates
well on social media. For example, the inflatable sumo suits are a guaranteed crowd pleaser.
For bigger events, zorb soccer is good fun, where the players all don inflatable plastic
bubbles to play. Or reverse it, and get yourself a giant soccer ball. Or take a leaf from your
old school sports’ days and introduce a mini-Olympics with events like the sack race and
three legged race.
There are countless possibilities out there, but hopefully we have given you food for
thought. The most important factor is to consider your target audience, and provide a fun
and memorable way to raise funds while making a fun day out for everybody.

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