Always buy best cheap Longboards after proper research

Always buy best cheap Longboards after proper research

Longboarding is a famous sport which includes both fun and thrill moments that is especially played by the youth as it allows them to exhibit their creative skills. The riders make use of a longboard to enjoy the audacious ride which in recent days costs little expensive.

Added to it, as a rider who wish to longboard must procure other board accessories and safety gears apart from buying the longboard to ensure a smooth ride and hence it becomes worthy idea to settle with a cheap yet good choice of longboard for a better longboarding campaign.


Benefits of best cheap Longboards

  • A Longboard is almost similar to a skateboard, however with wide and stable deck and a lengthy wheelbase to provide better control while carving and cruising.
  • One among the main advantageous aspect of getting a best cheap Longboards yet that are of top notch quality is that it permits the rider to enjoy optimum control and dynamic balance.

Good choices for locating cheap Longboards

  • One among the apt method to locate a best cheap Longboards is to make a detailed research on all online stores. It helps you to safe substantial amount rather than checking into distinct local skateboarding shops and requesting for the price.
  • Also, in many online stores, there will be frequent offers and huge discounts announcements to an extent of up to 30% which permits the buyer to get a top quality Longboards at an affordable cost within their budget.
  • Every manufacturer offers the products with a minimum of one year warranty to all sorts of the longboard models, which assist the user to conveniently deal with the issues and defects that may arise in the product while using it in the future.
  • Additionally, on the other hand, in case of online store purchase, it becomes possible for the rider to return the product if they are not happy with it as they have better return policy comparatively than a retail store, which makes it more convenient to buy best cheap Longboards.


Aspects to consider while buying best cheap longboard models.

It is recommended to understand prior purchasing, that a cheap costing longboard models will never offer the user will those features that is being offered by a top quality longboard models. So, it is definitely a difficult task for a rider to go with a choice that will perfectly fit their desire at a cheap cost. Still, there are certain aspects which are worthwhile to consider prior purchasing a low budget longboard model, which may be helpful for the buyer to get the best deal within their estimated budget.


  • The first and foremost aspect to consider while purchasing a low costing longboard is the rider’s riding experience. If you are new to longboarding riding, then it is advisable to choose any model among the top rated minimum budget choices as your aim mostly is to master your riding knowledge and skills. In spite, if you are an expertise rider and desire to purchase a best minimum budget longboard model, then you should try purchasing one that offers you with perfect balance, better handling and weight.


  • The second aspect to be considered while purchasing is the usage. It is recommended that on the basis of your understanding about where you are going to make use of it, it is best to go with a choice of Longboards. If you wish to ride along the hilly regions, then it is advisable to go with those cheap boards which are specially constructed for downhill riding.

On the other hand, if you prefer to purchase of board for city streets riding, then you should go with those freestyle board models. So, according to your usage and depending upon your budget, you can easily located best cheap longboard models which are specially designed targeting specific surface riding styles.

Several boards are generally used for multiple activities, so pick your choice according to your main activity that you prefer to do. Generally, purpose of longboard riding is classified as four activities namely, cruising, free ride, free style and downhill.

Maintenance procedure

  • It is true fact that those cheap costing Longboards are not made up of high quality materials which makes you to incur recurring and high maintenance cost. So, prior purchasing, it is worth considering the maintenance procedure of your preferred low budget Longboards.
  • It is not possible for you to store or keep aside a cheap board outside the hot sun’s harmful rays as it will create harm to the wood material. So, it is mandatory for a buyer to prior check the maintenance procedure of any longboard they prefer to buy, especially when it is available at a low cost.

Still, if you are find tough to understand which sort of longboard is right for you as there are more distinct and exciting models of boards available in the market. Through answering the following major six questions, it becomes easy for you to settle with your perfect Longboards at a low budget cost.

What are the longboard parts?

There are distinct variations available in every board models; however the parts used are same. Each part used in the boards includes distinct characteristics, which creates a major difference on how it behaves and what a user can do using it.


Which choice of Longboards suits you?

Understanding your level of riding skill and mode of usage, you can pick a choice of best cheap Longboards. Even though several models of Longboards are generally designed for multiple activities, it is good to understand your preferences prior making a purchase.

Which sort of longboard shape?

As Longboards are available in distinct shapes for every style of activity, going with your personal choice is a right idea.

How flexible the longboard must be?

The flex ascertains the board’s shock absorbent ability and the stability factor is influenced by the same. Both speed and flex don’t go in the same hand. While choosing a shape and style, it comes with a specific flex. Most of the models have a flat deck; few among them have a slight camber, and few more of a rocker type.

With or without kick tail?

The kick tail offers the rider to enjoy more convenient turns and easiness to make tricks. For several riding styles and shapes, it is easy for a buyer to locate a board with or without a kick tail. Generally, kick tails are not recommended for beginners and intermediates as without it you can experience maximum wheel base and extended stability.

Size of the board

While considering size, width is taken into account with more prior importance than length as based upon which the space of your feet resting will rely upon. You place your feet perpendicularly to the boards, so it is good to choose your choices that’s matches your shoe size. Generally, the decks width will be between 7 – 10 inches. On the other hand, longer length will offer you better stability while riding.

More than giving importance in buying a best cheap Longboards, it is vital to understand the distinct aspects that must be considered while buying it as landing on an imperfect choice of longboard will make you to lose money.


If you are a beginner, even after getting skinned elbows and knees, no matter how much you get injured, at last the level of enjoyment and fun you enjoy out of longboarding matters a lot and for which the truth is the choice of board you choose makes a huge difference. Keeping this in mind, make a right longboard model at a low budget without any hassle and loss of money.

Few among the most preferred choice of best cheap Longboards are

  • Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo
  • SCSK8 Natural blank and stained assembled
  • Quest Native Spirit Kick Tail
  • Atom Pintail Longboard

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo is a long 44 inch Artisan board with perfect looking bamboo and deck made up of maple, rugged aluminum trucks, distinct abstract graphic outlook and durable 70mm PU wheels. It claims to offer the user the comfort of taking it to wherever they prefer to. It’s an apt model to roam around town, for hitting the class or cruising.

SCSK8 Natural blank and stained assembled is an ideal choice for beginners and to those who to get one on a limited cost. Its deck and wheels are specially designed to stay good as all-rounder. It is potential to offer a smooth ride and especially maneuvering using this board is also impressively easy and smooth.

Quest Native Spirit Kicktail, with its 40 inch pro quality making satisfies users majorly with its performance. Especially, it gained fame for its original Aztec inspired graphics. It’s an ideal choice for explorations, adventures and journeys.

Atom Pintail Longboard is a good-looking and durable choice to go that claims the user not to get bite by the wheels while carving at their hardest with its classic deck shape. It’s ideal choice to pick for those entry-level riders which is available at an affordable cost.


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