Best Post Workout Foods for Vegans

At PledgeSports we take nutrition seriously, we have compiled a list of the best post workout foods for Vegans. As you may or may not know, you do not need protein powder to make sure you meet your needs. When it comes to post-workout meals, it is very important that you get your necessary carbs and protein. If you do not refuel your body at the right time and with the right foods you may get compromised results and average results. It is no different for a Vegan, if you do not have the correct post-workout meal, you will delay recovery and suffer from muscle soreness.

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Protein is crucial in building and maintaining muscle mass.  It is a common misconception that you need to be eating meat and chicken to make sure you hit your protein intake. However, those who follow a Vegan diet can consume just as much protein and hit their targets. Protein is found is a number of plant-based foods. The main source of protein comes from lentils and beans, tempeh, tofu, soy products, seeds such as chia seeds or sunflower seeds, whole grains and also nuts. For Vegans, it can be challenging to eat the sufficient amount of protein and for athletes it is even tougher.

Best sources of plant protein for Vegans

Best Post Workout foods for Vegans

Here is a list we made on what to eat after a workout as a Vegan. These meals and snacks are full of protein, carbs and of course nutrients.

1. Fruit Smoothie

smoothie Easy to make fruit smoothie, add some soy/nut milk with a few tablespoons of soy/coconut yoghurt to make a delightful drink after you workout.  Try our ultimate post workout smoothie!

2. Slice of Whole Grain Toast/Crackers

wholegrain Have yourself a slice of toast or some crackers and add some natural peanut butter to make sure you get the correct fats and protein to help refuel your body.

3. Dried Nuts/Fruit

Dried-Fruits-on-a-Paleo-Diet Perfect for a quick snack post-workout. Helps you replenish your muscles quickly and will aid your fatigue.

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4. Salad Wrap


An easy meal to have and it is one of the best to have after a workout as a vegan. You can add hummus and tabbouleh and enjoy it with a glass of soy milk.

5. Lentil Burger

lentilburger A lentil burger fills your with lots of protein, add some salad to it and serve it between a multi-grain bun and you have yourself a winner. A great meal to have after working out.

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If you enjoyed our best post workout foods for Vegans blog and you have any more food suggestions please let us know!

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