Extreme Sports Betting

Whilst most sports betting punters will seek to win their money on the likes of football, boxing or horse racing, a very different sports betting market is currently emerging; extreme sports betting.

From alpine skiing to surfing, sports fans who fancy a flutter are now able to bet on a whole host of extreme sports with several bookmakers offering odds on an ever increasing range of events.

We’ve taken a look at some of the top extreme sports you can now enjoying betting on, as well as some of the hottest odds around.

Like any form of sports bet, it always paid to be informed when deciding which team – or sportsmen – to back and that is where betting sites come in handy; they are stacked with tips and insight to give you the best chance of success.


Perhaps one of the most difficult sports to master, surfing has emerged onto the betting scene with popular bookmakers, like Paddy Power. The Irish bookmaker are currently offering odds on who will be crowned the World Surf League (WSL) Champion.

John John Florence currently leads the way as clear favourite with odds of just 1/7, with Gabriel Medina behind him at 5/1.

Long shot bets include Matt Wilkinson and Owen Wright at a whopping 90/1. Bookies are also offering odds on who will be the Women’s WSL champion, with Sally Fitzgibbons the frontrunner with odds of 10/11.


Mixed Martial Arts is one of the toughest sports out there and with the inception of UFC back in 1993 it is now a truly global and very popular sport.  In 2022 we have lot’s of big bouts to look forward to and you can get involved in all the betting action here:  best MMA betting sites

Ski Jumping

With the Ski Jumping World Cup set to get underway on Friday 17th November, many bookmakers are now offering odds on who the next world champion will be.

Although the competition is yet to get underway, Stefan Kraft and Peter Prevc lead the way as favourites with odds of 2/1 and 4/1 respectively.

The World Cup won’t conclude until March next year with several events along the way but those interested in extreme sports may fancy a punt on who the world’s next best ski jumper could be.

Alpine Skiing

Another ski sport that is growing in popularity within the sports betting market. Several Alpine Skiing events are now available to bet on with bookies such as Sky Bet, with odds on four different competitions.

Odds on both the men and women’s World Cup as well the Giant Slalom races taking places at Soelden are available.

Alpine skiing is certainly establishing itself as a sport which has a lot of betting availability attached to it.

The 10 most extreme sports


This unlikely combination of cross country skiing and rifle shooting has also emerged as a betting market.

Both the men’s and women’s World Cups are set to get underway on the 17th November which has opened up a great number of odds being offered on who could win the competitions. Martin Fourcade currently sits as clear favourite for the men’s World Cup with odds of just 1/5, whereas Laura Dahlmeier is the female frontrunner at 8/11.

The Biathlon’s emergence into the sports betting market may be surprising given its nicheness, but it certainly signifies a trend of the diversifying extreme sports betting market.

Cross Country Skiing

With the FIS Tour de Ski set to start on Friday 10th November, bets on who might win the prestigious ski competition are currently on offer to all those interested fans.

Both men’s and women’s competition odds are available, with Martin Johnsrud Sundby the 13/8 favourite to take the men’s title home and Heidi Weng 8/11 for the women’s tour. Always an entertaining event, the Tour de Ski is well worth a watch for fans of extreme sports.

Winter Olympics

The winter Olympics may not begin until next year but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your bets in early for the biggest extreme sports event around.

Although the betting isn’t yet available for individual sports at the competition, which will be held in PyeongChang, overall betting for the country that will top the medal table is.

Last time’s second place nation Norway are favourites with odds of 6/4, given Russia’s uncertain position over whether they will be able to compete, with Germany and the USA 2nd and 3rd favourites.

The winter Olympics will undoubtedly be a must-see event and the excitement around the competition will only be enhanced at the prospect of being able to win money whilst watching your favourite extreme sports athletes.

Consider this!

You can find some very interesting extreme sports to bet on, none more controversial than MMA or Mixed Martial Arts,.

But like all sports betting odds, they are determined by punters; we recommend making the most of some of the generous odds listed in this article before the money starts to come in and you are left with average odds.

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