Best Exercises for Fitness

We all know that proper exercises and a good diet plan is key to best results whatever it may be that you are striving in health and fitness. We at PledgeSports are no different from you and we always are eager to know what are the best type of exercises out there that will aid you in the long run with fitness and endurance.

Below you can see some of the key components that make up the best exercises for fitness – 

Stamina –


By defintion, stamina is the ability to withstand fatigue or resist disease; when applied to a health and fitness setting, it is the ability to sustain physical activity or sport for a prolonged period of time. Stamina involves both aerobic endurance, which is low to moderate intensity prolonged exercise, and anaerobic endurance, or short and very high intense exercise. So where do we start in order for you build up your stamina levels and increase your overall fitness. Let’s have a look here –

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Interval Training –

interval trainging

-Table above to aid you with interval training 

We all have heard of interval training at some stage whilst reading over fitness plans and workout regimes. Interval training involves short bouts of high intensity work followed by a longer bout of lower intensity work. Research has resulted in some staggering results from interval training. As seen in the 1996 published journal called “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise”, where  group of cyclists who performed eights sets of high intensity, 20-second intervals with 10 seconds of rest in between for six weeks not only improved their aerobic endurance more than the moderate intensity group but also improved their anaerobic capacity by 28 percent. These results led the way for more research to be carried out in order to improve endurance and stamina results even further for athletes and other sports people alike.

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Weight Training –


You do not need to lift incredibly heavy weights in order to build your fitness levels. Lifting weights is mostly anaerobic and not only improves your strength but also your muscular stamina. So if you can incorporate weight training at least two times a week, and on each occasion include all body workouts you will see massive gains in your overall muscular stamina. This in turn will aid you with other types of exercise that you may do elsewhere in the week. It is recommend that you perform 8-15 repetitions of around 8-10 different types of weight lifting exercises for maximum results.

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Circuits –


Some people love them and some think the complete opposite. If you want to get in shape and increase those fitness levels you should include circuits as part of your workout plan. Circuits involves three to 12 different stations that incorporate strength training, cardiovascular exercise or both. So if you can apply this type of workout once a week you will definitely see results very quickly as you are workout out every muscle within your body.

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Cardiovascular Exercise –

The best way to improve your aerobic endurance and therefore your ability to withstand low to moderate intensity work for a long time is with prolonged cardiovascular training. This means start off with small workouts then slowly build your time of these workouts over time. For the best results try add another quarter mile on the walk or jog, or another lap in the pool. This will help you build up not your stamina and fitness but body muscular strength also.

From the above best exercises for fitness, you are well on your way to increasing your stamina levels and becoming a better version of yourself.

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