Philadelphia Eagles Win 1st Super Bowl



Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done”. That is what every Eagles Fan experienced. The Eagles have done what had been unexpected.

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Even the odds at real money online casinos such as  jackpotscasino Australia clearly showed that defeating the New England Patriots was highly unlikely.

Betting on the Winning Team

The win by the Philadelphia Eagles was a memorable one indeed; however, many punters lost a lot of money. This is because they were observing the rules of real money gambling. Yes, all betting has strategies that can be used to improve the gambler’s odds of winning.

A fundamental rule in gambling is always to bet on the favourite. This ensures that you get a win. Betting on the underdog (like the Philadelphia Eagles at the Super Bowl) is very rewarding when the unexpected happens. But, when things end up the way we all know they are going to then you lose your money.

It is because of this reason that many people do not play the underdog bet. But, in reality, gambling is not all about statistics, numbers and odds. Gambling whether done canadian online casinos or at land-based gambling institutions is about feelings, gut instincts and plain old luck. That is why despite the obvious warning that you are likely to lose your bet (the super good odds), a lot of people still bet on the underdog to win.

Home Team Advantage

Home team advantage does not only refer to the likelihood of a team to perform better when they are playing on their home ground. However, that is not what we mean here. When the team that is playing is your home team and it is has gone as far as the Super Bowl you have no choice but to back the home team. It is the patriotic (no pun intended) thing to do. And in this case, all the people from Philadelphia who chose to back their team with a real money bet walked away with hefty prizes.

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