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sports career

Crowdfunding your sports career is a great idea. For let’s face it, corporate sponsorship deals involving big budgets are pretty tough to come by. It’s not something that is within the capability of most of us who however would still like to keep our sports dreams alive. And sports is a costly business. Especially if you want to make it a profession. The best equipment cost big money. Naturally so, for they are made to perfection and try to hand you every advantage it can. And of course, there is the marketing and brand value that keep pushing the prices higher.

So, once you have decided on crowdfunding the next obvious step is to find the crowd! Not just any crowd but the crowd who will be willing to snap out their cheque books and write you an amount you can actually use. And not surprisingly such people can be difficult to find. After all, not everybody will be interested in funding your particular dream. One of the ways to find people who are willing to spend money on sports, is to look into the online sports betting forums. These are the people who regularly bet at popular online bookmaking platforms. Have a look here to check out one such reputed bookmaking website.

These are people who like to take a gamble and are interested in sports (including extreme sports), maybe you can convince them to bet on you? But once you’ve located such people, how do you befriend them? Well let’s try and figure that out.


This one’s no secret. And we are talking about talking to other people; the people on the portal. While you could be talking to yourself too, as it has many benefits and can help you stay focused on your target, that’s not what we’re referring to here! Unless you start communication with a person there is no way you can get him/her to buy into your story! And a buy in you need if you are hoping to have the person as your sponsor, or one of your sponsors at the very least. And it is a fact that talking to people is a great way to slide into another’s comfort space.

Join a Clan

This one’s another great way. Clans or communities comprise of people with similar tastes. And if you join one of these clans that are interested in the same sport as you are, chances are that they will lend you a sympathetic ear. Just take care that they don’t feel that you’re using them for your selfish needs. That’s a sure shot way of getting ostracized.

sports career

Share Your Knowledge

You are a sportsperson, it follows then that you have information and a passion for the sport that a layman may not possess. And online bettors like knowledge. The more they know, the more they can use to place their bets correctly. And if you happen to share your knowledge with people around, people will naturally soften up to you. Since sports betting is a high stakes game and has been compared to the Wall Street life  as well, insider information if you happen to have any can change the fortunes of your fellow bettors and in turn yours.

It’s not a fool proof plan, but it is a plan and the likelihood of finding a like-minded seems more likely on these platforms.

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