Europe’s Unknown Extreme Sports Destinations


If you’re getting bored with everyday life and want to find something that will fulfil your need for thrill then look no further. There are loads of activities you are probably yet to try and some extraordinary locations which you can do so. This blog will give you a range of ideas of Europe’s unknown extreme sports destinations you may not be aware of yet and, you never know, you could even find a new hobby.


Innsbruck – Austria

Europe’s Unknown Extreme Sports Destinations

Located in East Central Austria, Innsbruck is much more than just a city that lays amongst the Alps, in fact the Alps is the reason why Innsbruck is so famous. Innsbruck is home to the Olympia Ski world, and if there are any ski or snowboard enthusiasts out there then you can’t get much better than this. With 9 separate ski resorts to choose from, you will be able to find your dream choice  amongst the 260km of rigorous runs. The Kühtai ski resort also offers something a bit different, if you’ve never thought about skiing or snowboarding at night then this is a great time to tick it off your bucket list.

Not only is Innsbruck known for the sheer number of ski resorts all in the same city, but the standard of the runs is something for any seasoned skier to test themselves with. From the Axamer Lizum to the Patscherkofel you can test yourself against the runs that were designed for the pros who competed here from the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympic Games. If, however, you want to try something a little bit more out there not so mainstream, why don’t you test yourself by hurtling at 120 Kilometres-per-hour, head first down the Olympic bobsleigh runs. It will probably be best that you take your European Health Insurance Card or if you don’t have one and this location is calling your name then it would be a good time to renew ehic online.

Lake Garda – Italy

There are many locations that offer you the opportunity to go canyoning, however Lake Garda is a location that stands out from the crowd purely because of its stunning scenery that goes beyond the canyoning and should be a destination many wish to visit.

Lake Garda is located in the Northern Central region of Italy. Canyoning is a great sport because it incorporates heart pumping adrenaline with the calmness and beauty of its surroundings. So what is canyoning, I can hear many of you ask? Well canyoning is also commonly known as gorge walking. This demanding sport combines features from a selection of other sports and activities such as, swimming, cliff jumping and abseiling. The aim of this sport is to make your way through waterfalls and squeeze down slides into hidden rock pools, it’s similar to what you’d experience if you went white water rafting but without the raft to keep you afloat. You get to experience more freedom and explore further.

Costa Blanca – Spain

Europe’s Unknown Extreme Sports Destinations

Costa Blanca is located South East Spain and neighboured by Portugal and France. If getting cold or wet isn’t for you and you would rather keep your feet firmly on the floor, or should I say cliff,then maybe climbing in Spain is for you. The landscape has been moulded by erosion from the sea that has left steep unexplored cliffs in its wake that are perfect for any free climbing enthusiast. To really get a sense of freedom, scale wherever you can and leave the ropes behind, go where you want when you want. This location has something for all abilities and you can always hire a guide and equipment if free climbing is a bit too far out of your ability range. Your first stop when coming to Spain should be what’s known as ‘Indoor Wall Alicante’ where you can go and test out your ability at the country’s few indoor rock climbing centres, allowing you to get to grips with the scene.

Once you’ve gained some confidence and experience you should definitely take a look at Sierra de Toix, this stunning location is located right on the beach where the mountain overhangs the warm waters of the Balearic Sea. Make sure that when you are climbing that you only climb rock faces that aren’t facing the open sea as these come with their own challenges which should be left to those who have experience in the field rather than those who are new to the rock climbing scene.

There are many locations and sports out there that are screaming for you to notice them, and they could even potentially be your next hobby. From the ski slopes to the rocky pools, test yourself and get out there! Renew your European Health Insurance Card, book your tickets and accommodation and go and experience life in a way you are yet to feel. You never know what you are going to find out there! Happy discovering.

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