The Ultimate Adventure Sports Bucket List

It’s good to dream and if you ever want to turn that dream into a reality then were here to help!  We have done a lot of research and put together the ultimate adventure sports bucket list for the categories of Hiking, Trail Running, Mountain climbing and Rafting.

Because of the nature of these adventure sports, they tend to be in exotic / off the beaten track locations and obviously won’t be located in cities, but if you are willing to jump on a plane and travel then start planning!


Hike Chile

Hiking in the great outdoors might just be about the healthiest of things you can do both physically and mentally.  People love hiking (we included!) as it gives you just more than just a breath of fresh air and great exercise, that physical open space can have a peaceful and refreshing effect for any hiker, it helps you get away from the so called “crowdness” of every day life and gives you a chance to explore all ends of the world.

We’re big outdoor lovers at PledgeSports, and feel it’s extremely important to get out hit those hills and stay fit and healthy. No better way to do this than hiking, it can give anyone a great sense of self sufficiency and self accomplishment when you reach the end of a trail.

From Everest Base Camp to Mount Blanc and on to Peru, we’ve compiled an ultimate sports bucket list of Hiking trails from around the world .


Trail Running

Trail Running is not just only about racing, nowadays trail running has become more and more popular amongst athletes of all ages. People who love running enjoy the authentic, off-the-beaten-track travel experiences and learning about new cultures from countries all across the globe. They also seek out the most epic runs, the best sights and the most unique travel experiences to create destination running vacations unlike any other.

Bend Oregon Running

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Whether you want to walk, run or race them, here are 7 awe inspiring trail running locations around the world that should be added to an trail runners bucket list



Cycling Bucket List

Cycling is one of the most efficient and easiest ways for you to explore the world. Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or not, it is easily one of the best forms of travel while on an exploration. From two wheels you can take in the beauty that the Earth has to offer and breathe in that cool refreshing air as you whiz past some of the most iconic landscapes in the world.

From Ireland to Australia to the Americas here’s a mouth watering, leg numbing list of destinations for you to put on the list.


Mountain Climbing

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go” – TS Eliot

Mountain Climbing Bucket list

There will come a point in your life where you should set yourself a goal so high and off the beaten track that it will testify your physical and psychological limit to the extreme.  (While not trying to kill yourself!) Something that might give you a new perspective of the world and prove just what you’re capable of.

Mountain climbing is one of the fastest growing activities or sports in the past decade. Not only is this a fun, exciting, and healthy activity, but people also have the chance to see some of the most beautiful places on the entire planet. So if you are not persuaded just yet to climb a mountain, then we may make you think again. Here are the best mountain climbing destinations from around the world.

From the novice to the elite here’s our:


White Water Rafting

Rafting Bucket List

Rafting is an awesome sport, surrounded by both danger and beauty in some of the planets most stunning locations.  It’s a great idea for a holiday for those who want that x factor!  We’re extremely lucky to have so many options in countries all around the world with exceptionally good whitewater rafting facilities on offer.  Whether you are seeking the adrenaline rush and danger of grade 5 rapids or the meandering flow of grade 2, there should be added to any rafting fans bucket list.


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