Private Jets: How Big Sports Teams Travel to Games in Style

From the Patriots, who were the first NFL team to buy their own private jet, to England’s luxurious 62-seat private jet when travelling to St Petersburg for the FIFA World Cup, some of the biggest sports teams love to travel in style.

While teams do take public transport for shorter journeys – like the Manchester United squad hopping on the train for their match against Chelsea – world-class teams often charter private jets for longer distance travel.

Whether for a game or a training camp, here’s why sports teams (and sometimes their wealthy fans), choose to fly via private jet.

Faster Travel Times

From getting in an additional training session before the game, to ensuring a good night’s sleep for optimal performance, time is of the essence. This is where a private jet can come in handy. With no two-hour check-in and a comfortable cabin, players can simply board and fly, reducing fatigue.

Privacy is Important

While fans are central to sport, cheering on their team and travelling to games, for A-list athletes, travelling in privacy is key. A private jet provides the environment and privacy players need to rest and recuperate, something that may be difficult to do on a commercial flight.

Avoid the Crowds

Similarly, when flying on a private jet, teams may be able to avoid crowded airports. While a full-sized aircraft will have to land at major airports, the reduced size of a smaller jet means they can utilise smaller, more local airports. This not only helps players to travel in privacy but provides more convenient departure and arrival locations.

Caters to All Sizes

With companies like Chapman Freeborn offering a huge range of private charter jets, groups of all sizes are catered for. From players only to the entire team (including managers and coaches), this allows everyone to travel together in comfort.

Keep Belongings Close

On a standard flight, baggage must be checked into the hold. With a large team and lots of equipment, this may raise concerns about items being damaged or lost in transit. However, with a private jet, loading can be supervised, ensuring nothing is left behind. This also removes the need to wait at baggage claim upon arrival.

Tailored Food Options

While training and sleep is essential for athletes, nutrition is important, too. When travelling on a commercial flight, even in first or business class, food options are limited. However, on a private jet, players nutritional needs can be catered for, helping them to arrive feeling ready for the big game.

From convenience and comfort, to privacy and service, these are just some of the reasons big sports team choose to travel on private jets.

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