Temporary Sports Complex Wins Top Marks

A temporary sports complex is the perfect solution for any institution that needs a sports center fast. Though temporary, this sports complex can last for quite a while and provide the space needed for sports activities to be carried out while a permanent structure is us being planned for or put up.

Sports Hall

An award-winning complex requires experts such as Smart Space Instant Buildings who have the experience and expertise to put one up.

Temporary building experts are called in to provide alternatives when a sports meet is looming but the stadium is not ready, needs to be remodeled or is undergoing construction. A temporary sports complex build for the University of Nottingham won a top award once it opened its doors to the students. The University’s sports complex was undergoing construction at the time which was expected to take at least two years.

The building is a high-tech sports complex which takes up more than 3,000 square meters and includes bespoke structures. The whole project which includes the planning and groundwork was completed in five months.

The university was delighted with their new temporary complex which provided the solution they needed as their permanent structure was being constructed.  The company followed the brief that was provided by the university. In addition, they were positive while putting it up the entire time they were engaged in the project.

An award-winning temporary building firm provides a service that is all inclusive and ensures that not only does their product exceed the set down standards, but also that their customer service is top notch. The client wants to be certain that they can trust the service provider to oversee the entire project without much supervision.

The Project

A sports complex for an institution the size of the University of Nottingham is a very large project with a huge budget. The sports complex cost up to $2m. It involved quite a bit of groundwork and the installation of a number of buildings before it was finally completed. There were fixtures to be fitted, a drainage, the framework, flooring and electrical equipment which was provided by the university. They also provided the heating and fittings.


The temporary complex includes the following features:

  • A twelve-court sports hall

  • A gym

  • Three squash courts

  • Two dance studios featuring sprung floors

The complex is custom built to fit the client’s specifications as with most temporary buildings. The customer’s input is very important and the temporary building firm endeavors to meet every one of them.

That temporary buildings such as sports complexes are becoming quite the rage is clearly seen in the rising popularity for the same. Many sports experts expect that temporary sports complexes will be in demand in the coming years as the necessity of having stadiums that are seasonal is questioned. Complexes that are versatile are being considered in place of these stadiums.

Temporary building firms such as Smart Space can be trusted to construct sports complexes that will rival any firm and clinch a top award. Temporary buildings being considered for and winning top awards is a very significant development.

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