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As we all know sports betting nowadays is HUGE, and its influence on all types of sports is immeasurable, from tv ads to sponsoring your favourite team betting sites are everywhere. For better or worse a significant amount of sports fans have tried betting at one time or another, and as you can guess most of them have failed miserably and lost money.

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As you know on top of that enthusiastic football fan that bets for fun there are professional bettors, that earn their living through sports betting. With so many people looking to make some quick bucks through gambling the increase in searches for sports betting tips and tipsters has been on the rise for years. Sadly with the growth of this “betting tips” industry, there has been a proportional surge in the scammers trying to fool people in buying their predictions. People are claiming to have fixed games, providing fake stats, showcasing fake betting slips and so on. Those scammers are the reason we decided to take a look and find a reputable quality tipster.

First, let`s see what the process for picking a tipster was:

  1.  – Find someone that has both free and paid betting tips
  2.  – Find someone that provides REAL stats on their betting tips
  3.  – The website/app should look legit and not like it was made for 15 minutes back in 1998
  4.  – The free tips were supposed to bring profit for a couple of weeks before we test the paid ones
  5.  – We were looking for a monthly gain made on the paid predictions

Those 5 points were the very minimum for a tipster to be considered worthy. Then we evaluated the tipster: response time, availability, price vs results, honesty and their flexibility when it comes to different bookies, type of bets etc. We tried a dozen, and our pick was WhaleBets

They are head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to website design, and they also look far more prominent, you get the feeling you are dealing with an actual working company and not with an individual. Most probably the reason is they provide far more than just football betting predictions. They have unique articles,  interesting infographics, betting strategies, guides on how to get bonuses and of course bookmaker reviews.

That said we were looking for a quality tipster, so we focused on their tips, and I have to say I was impressed with the free betting tips as they were tipping games with very tiny odds and still had a few units profit for the two weeks we kept track.

Then we moved to their so-called VIP program, and we were in for a treat, their tipsters ( yes they have more than one ) we available almost 24/7 and doing their best to help even with the tiniest of issues as we often claimed we don’t understand a given bet or our bookie doesn’t have it. Their owner who was the first line of contact made sure our communication with the tipster was smooth, asked about our experience, bookmaker, bankroll and made us feel comfortable and sure we have the same goal, to Bust the Bookies, which is their actual moto.

In this one month, we made a profit 17,4 units after taking out the monthly fee for the VIP program even though we were very unlucky with some of the predictions.

After all, we can say that WhaleBets are a trustworthy website with smart and kind people behind the wheel, they are undoubtedly one of the best tipsters we have come across, and their paid predictions are worth every single penny.

Good luck everybody.


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