Charity Tournaments – How Hosting a Poker Tournament Can be a Great way to Fundraise

The Charity Series of Poker raises money for great causes


Sport has always been one of the best ways to raise money for charity, with people often getting sponsored to undertake major challenges such as running the London Marathon or cycling in the Tour de France. Some impressive donation figures have been reported as well, with the total figure for all donations made for the annual 26 mile race in the London capital topping £1 billion in 2019. These are some of the best ways to amass large amounts of money because they are trusted events, and the fundraising can be done easily through crowdfunding campaigns. There are other fun ways to get money together for charity, though, with poker tournaments being an excellent way to get thrills while working towards a good cause.

Crowdfunding is an Incredibly Popular Method of Fundraising

Crowdfunding is a popular way of helping charities

Long gone are the days of walking around the office with a clipboard and writing down everyone’s individual donations to a charitable cause. The internet has completely revolutionised the way people can raise money for charities and worthy causes, and fundraising campaigns now have a massive scope in terms of how far they can reach. This is why the average amount raised for events like the London Marathon has reached such amazing levels.

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Crowdfunding has been a way of getting large amounts of money together for centuries, but its potential has hit previously unprecedented heights in the internet era. It was originally used as a way to amass funding for arts and music communities, with £39,000 raised in 1997 to support the tour of the British rock band, Marillion. It has become an even bigger thing in the age of social media, with people now easily able to share fundraising campaigns far and wide. This has provided worthy causes with some much-needed attention.

Nowadays, there are numerous online crowdfunding platforms. These allows users to create their own pages and raise money from them. The sites can be used to collect sponsorship for sporting events, but can also be used to get money together for hosting a sports or gaming event. Depending on what people are fundraising for, they can choose a platform that suits their needs. This site, as you will have seen, specialises in sports crowdfunding.

Sports or Gaming Tournaments or Events can Provide More Excitement

While setting a personal challenge to complete a massive sporting event on your own can be rewarding, getting more people involved can add to the thrill of the occasion and make it more enjoyable. A lot of people decide to take on challenges with a group of friends and share a crowdfunding campaign. Doing this can help ease the pressure on yourself, and also allows each team member to help motivate the others. But this could be taken a step further by organising a special event which gets even more people involved.

A sports day at a local community centre or playing field is one sure-fire way to get a lot of people gathered in the same place and willing to donate money for charity. You could put on loads of different challenges such as an egg and spoon race, a sack race, or a mini football tournament, and ask people to pay money to enter. Most of the money could be given to charity, with a small portion going to the winner as an incentive.

Hosting a charity event like this can be a really rewarding experience. You not only provide people with entertainment and pleasure, you also do your bit for charity and help raise money. Some other popular types of events include fun runs like the Big Fun Run event. This takes place in various different locations in the north of England and is a 5km race suitable for the whole family.

Poker is a Great Example of an Enjoyable Charity Event

A lot of poker players try to raise money for charities

If you want to attract people who aren’t necessarily sporty or if you want your event to have a different vibe, hosting a charity poker tournament is another great way to gather funds while everyone has a good time. There are loads of organisations like the Charity Series of Poker which run special tournaments to accumulate funds for good causes. The World Series of Poker is also known to donate large sums of money to charities each year, with the Big One for One Drop event being the main source of this. Each player who enters pays $1 million, with 11 percent of that stake going straight into the One Drop Foundation kitty which focuses on water initiatives.

Putting on your own charity poker event is fairly simple. You just need to get a big enough location to fit a high number of tables and hire some dealers to make sure everything runs smoothly. Free poker tournaments can be an enjoyable way to play poker online and can be used either as practice, to learn the strategies of identifying playing styles or “playing tight”, or as inspiration for your own tournament. People often need tangible rewards as an incentive to play so, for a charity Texas Hold’em event, for example, you could set a buy-in amount and then figure out what the prizes are for the top three players. You must also shave off a considerable amount of the combined entry fees and give that money to your chosen charity. It shouldn’t be too hard to find enough people to play, as poker is one of the most popular card games on the planet.

A lot of money can be amassed when you get a high number of people to compete in a poker tournament. Putting on an event like this can be an excellent way to raise a decent amount of money for charity, and will also provide players with entertainment at the same time. The card game could be a good alternative to traditional sports fundraising for charity.

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