Roger Federer’s Legacy to Continue on and off Court

Roger Federer is a living legend.

The conversation surrounding who is the greatest tennis player of all time is subjective and debatable when you get into the abstract. But one thing is not abstract, nor debatable. No one has more titles than Roger Federer.

Through the mid-2000s to early in the 2010s, whenever the Swiss star stepped on the court, tennis bettors flocked to sportsbooks online because they were almost sure to cash in.

But Roger Feder has done more to contribute to the sport of tennis and society than garner 101 ATP Singles Titles, 20 Grand Slams, 28 ATP Masters Titles, and 6 ATP Finals. He’s also trying to make the world a better place through the Roger Federer Foundation.

The Foundation

Limpopo, South Africa rests between Botswana, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. The nation of just over 5 million people is known for it’s national parks and game reserves, not for wealth and certainly not for its education.

In concert with the EAC (East African Community), the Roger Federer Foundation has been working to implement better primary education for children in rural areas of Limpopo since 2006. Federer is dedicated to improving children’s long-term situation through early learning and basic education. Just building a couple of schools would be a nice gesture, but for true cultural impact at a grassroots level, you need to get the community involved and responsible for their youth, which is exactly what the RFF is trying to achieve by working hand in hand with the EAC.

Cultural Impact through Tennis

Over 1200 win and handfuls of titles throughout the last 16 or so years has garnered Federer fans the world over. No other male competitor has won 20 Majors. But Roger Feder takes it a step further, having not only won 20, but having competed in 30, and at one point, attending 10 straight finals consecutively; an amazing feat.

After a drop in the rankings due to injury, surgery and time off (plus the emergence of Djokovic) Federer returned to No.1 at the age of 36, another incredible feat!

And not only is he one of the most talented players to ever grace the tennis courts, but he’s also a consummate gentleman during competitions. His peers voted him to receive the Sportsmanship Award 13 times. Multiple awards like this show just how much he is respected by the professional tennis community, and just how much respect he shows his fellow competitors year in and year out.

2019 Roland Garros

“You’re either a clay court specialist, a grass court specialist, or a hard court specialist … or you’re Roger Federer.” – Jimmy Connors

Now 37, Roger Federer is set to meet Rafa in the Roland Garros Semis. It’s a continuation of one of the greatest rivalries in the history of professional tennis. Rafa is a clay court specialist but he is on a 5-match losing streak at the hands of Roger Federer. So, just because it’s clay, doesn’t mean Rafa will win the day.

The French Open Semi-Finals will mark the 39th contest between these two. However, this is the first time Nadal and Federer have met in the Roland Garros Semis in 14 years. That said, Rafael Nadal has won in each of their head to head meetings at the Roland Garros. But the last time was the Finals in 2011.

Whether or not Feder defeats Nadal to move on to the Finals, his legacy continues to grow.

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