What To Do With Eye Contacts During Sports

The contact lenses can be worn by everyone, including the ones who go for sports. The contact lenses can help you in sports by improving your appearance, and you can also see better when performing. One can also be perfect and participate well in their games when they have high-quality contact lenses with no need for the glasses.

However, there might be some risks associated with wearing the contact lenses for the ones participating in the sports. When the contact lenses are not worn and used as they are needed, then they can end up cause you some problems. Even though many people who wear contact lenses during sports think they are perfect and they do whatever is needed in them, the research done by the Disease control centers and the prevention has estimated that about 40 to 90 percent of the ones wearing them don’t follow the prescribed lenses instructions. Among the many people wearing contact lenses, most of them tend to be female.

When wearing contact lenses, however, for sports fun, you should know more essential things which will make you perfect and accurate in taking care of them. The contact lenses are so unique, and much attention should be devoted to them so they can offer high quality and extended lasting services to you. The following are essential things that you must know and do when wearing them for sports.

1. Avoid Water As You Can

All types of water which is from pools, fresh water, tap water, lakes, oceans, hot tubs, sewage systems, and soil all have some natural amoeba which occurs without any causes. The tiny amoeba animals which have one cell may even infect your eyes, and this can lead to a condition which is termed as the Acanthamoeba Keratitis. The state is well treatable when realized and treated in advance. However, when you ignore the situation, then it can cause permanent loss of vision. So when taking your baths or swimming, you should do without having the contact lenses. When going for swimming and you need to wear them, then you should also put on the airtight goggles to protect them. You, however, should never clean the contact lenses with saliva or tap water since neither of them is sterile.

2. Always Ensure You Rub Even Without No-Rub Solution

The researchers did the study about cleaning the contact lenses either by rubbing or by not rubbing them. The researchers hence found out that it was necessary for rubbing so it can remove the deposits available onto the soft lenses even when they are being rinsed over a long time. You, however, should never do the solution top-off or reuse your contacts, but you can opt to put some new solution onto your lenses case daily. When going for the sports, you should never forget to carry the answer since they help moisturize your lenses and if you have dry eyes, then you will cater to them.

3. Don’t Go For Sports With The Lenses You Have Slept With

When wearing contact lenses, there are more infection threats that you can get because of the dried environment together with the less oxygen which reaches the eye. When sleeping, since you sleep with closed eyes, then it makes the infection environment perfect, which can make the eyes very vulnerable in getting infections and bacteria, irritations, and pathogens.

However, there are lenses which are designated to be the extended wears which have the thinner material which allows oxygen inside quickly; there are those with trouble to tolerate them through the entire night. When going for sports, always make sure you use clean contacts that you never sleep with which can help to give you a clear view of the objects and also when playing, you will be able to see your opponent.

4. Always Clean, Replace The Storage Case, And Use The Hands While Putting Off And Putting In The Lenses

When going for sports, ensure you take great care of your lenses case by rinsing it with very fresh topped up solutions and make sure the empty case has air dried. You can also ensure you replace the case after regular three months as the best thumb rule. When you used it often in the sports, you might be risking the dangerous pathogens build up that may tend to invade inside your eyes.

The sports activities are of moving from a place to others and this way one can catch germs and spread them in most situations. When using the case ideally, then you won’t get infections when playing at the sports area. Make sure you clean your hands before you touch those lenses even when you use the solution. You can quickly transfer the bacteria and germs from the hands into the eyes if you don’t clean the sides. You should also not do with oily, heavy soaps and you should also dry the hands well using the lint-free towel.

5. Know All Eye Infection Symptoms

When attending sports and realize that you have red color and irritating eyes, there might be worsening pain which you can experience around and inside your eyes after the contact lenses are removed. The eyes are always light sensitive, and the vision can then be so blurry, or you can have watery eyes, or they can even start producing discharge. Always consider the feelings of your eyes even when playing since your health is more important compared to having fun. When you realize your contact lenses are hurting, then the reason can be because of the dirt or the dust underneath the glasses. You can rinse the eyes using the re-wetting drops or the solutions of non-peroxides.

The contact lenses and sports have not been that easy to maintain and use. The reason is that the games always entails the dirt and dust issues, whereas the contact lenses are ever worn where it needs a relaxed and free environment without any form of defects. When attending a sports area, always make sure that you have well mastered the above things and do as required so that you can take great care of your contact lenses.

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