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Barefoot Aleks and Sophie on their epic adventure runs

Everyday is different here at PledgeSports, somedays are boring and some days everything just lights up. So we thought it would be fun to list some interesting facts!

We have had 1000’s of people and teams on PledgeSports since 2014 and so have seen all sorts! Let’s start with some people stories.

Youngest and Oldest

We’ve had lots of young sporting talent on PledgeSports, the youngest we’ve had on from memory is tennis player Joesf Sutton who is just 8 years old! Followed by Iulian and Aoibhin – 2 super talented Latin and Ballroom dancers from Dublin.  They’re both 9 years old and are dance couple for 3 years. The oldest was James Nowak , an age group triathlete who was 60 + (he wouldn’t tell us his exact age!)


The uncontested winner of this one goes to Aleks Kashefi or “Barefoot Aleks” as he’s better know as.

The a 37-year-old teacher ran from the top to the bottom of Europe, that’s 4,750miles from Norway to Tarifa in Spain, and what an adventure it was to follow. Aleks ran through the wilderness and camped out most nights and after a while we realised he had an amazing voice! We put together this piece with a few of our favourite clips of Barefoot Aleks singing operatic landscapes. His journey from start to finish was truly entertaining.

The Weirdest

We recently wrote about the weirdest sports out there and there’s some pretty strange ones! I think the weirdest we have had is a person raising money to get to the Sport Stacking World Championships.

We also have a guy at the moment raising money to get to the Icosathlan World Championships!

Most Successful

In terms of percentage of target, our top 8 most successful fundraising pages have by girls! Yep, they are leaving the boys in the dust. The biggest percentage of target was by Lucy Hatton who hit 365% of target. Only 3 other people have hit 200%.

Biggest Day on PledgeSports

The most raised on a single day on PledgeSports was £14,000. The Glencoe Mountain Fundraising Campaign received around 20 donations on one day totalling 14K.

The most site visitors we received in one day was in February 2018 where we had 12,200 people from around the world visit PledgeSports.

Another big day here was finding out that we won a Global Summit Award back in 2015.

Biggest Crowdfunding Campaign

biggest crowdfunding campaign

The crowdfunding page set up but the Glencoe Mountain Ski resort in Scotland to buy a snow factory is the #1. They raised over £63k. Another hugely successful one was the Irish Mens Hockey team, they raised over €52k for their trip to the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Most Read Content

Our article – The Richest Football Clubs in the World has been read over 500k times around the world. We have lot’s of other articles on our sports blog that have been read over 100k times.

The most viewed crowdfunding page has been the Glencoe Mountain one.

We’ll come back to this article and update it every so often!

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