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The popularity of sports betting continues to grow and advance with each passing day. The industry has become a not only a betting arena, but also an entertaining, and fun great. It means that individuals engaging in sports betting are having a time of their lives. If new in sports betting, do not despair. Even though there is crucial information being thrust, you don’t have to master it in a minute. Here is a simple guide to sports betting 101 to help you out. 

Identify Interesting Sports

Sports are of many types, and many of them include betting activities for any game. Therefore, as an individual, you should bet in a sport that draws excitement from you. Do not be brought by the popularity of football and bet without adequate information. Knowing the game, the individuals playing, their wins and losses, among others; makes it easier to make a bet. Remember, before betting; you should be a fan of that specific sport.  Besides, information about each, whether it is hockey, football, badminton or even chess. 

Range of Bets 

Betting is easy and fast for individuals knowing what wager or bet they want or need. Some sports offer a wide range of sporting bets. Such games include soccer, basketball, etc. these games also operate in an efficient price market where bookmarkers have almost accurate predictions. Many say to bet as much as you can. We do not disapprove of it. However, we advise to bet smart, selective, and logically with game or sports statistics backing up the bets. Besides, all these bets give you an advantage due to the variety of sports and bets. 

Understand the Betting Word Jargon 

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Betting is a whole universe on its own and comprises of its language. It means that there are many words used to refer to different things. Besides, even betting words are different, and the types of bets reference also differ.  Here are a few of the word jargons that in sports betting:

  • Bookmarker is an individual who takes chances and creates sporting, even betting lines. ‘
  • The draw means that the results of the bet fall on the bookmarkers line. Therefore, there is no win for such a chance for bettors.
  • The hook is a half point that gives an advantage to bettors. The half point purchases add a half to a bettor’s keys numbers such that seven becomes 7.5.
  • Spread betting; it involves betting against what bookmarkers line. It involves spreading your bet such that the team in support of winning takes points while that on the losing end gives. 
  • Parlays; it consists in increasing a bettors payout after all the multiple bets in the parlay at the end are winning bets. 
  • The teaser is a bet gives the bettor a lower advantage but still pays if it wins.
  • A money line bet involves betting on a winning side with no interferences. The team that bookmakers are in support of winning always has lower paying odds. However, the so-called losing team may have very high paying odds.
  • The total bet is a bet that shows the sum of the winning goals for the game. If the bettor has an under and the amount is less than the line, then the under wins. If the sum is higher than the over gains.
  • Proposition bet; they are specific bets such as the number of goals a soccer player is to score in a game no more no less.
  • The half chances are for sports or games that involve teams going for a break in the middle of the game. They either refer to the first or the second half of the game.  

Know the Stats

Analyzing the different probabilities of a game or sport can be cumbersome. It also consumes a lot of time and boring for many, including me. If you know what you are specifically looking for, then it is easier to discard the noise from the information. Identifying the number of clashes Manchester city has had against let’s say Sunderland is information worth keeping. Knowing the winning goals, they have over six months i.e., in a single season and its average among others. The number of goals you expect from a game is another statistic you need to have at your fingertips. The variance can result from players getting injuries, especially those playing forward in the game. 


Betting can have tremendous effects on an individual. You can either win or lose big. It is essential to have the right information, know what each sport, the betting fields in it, and what stakes one can place. With the probability skills at hand, you will come up with a betting combination that will guarantee you a win.

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