6 Interesting Online Sports games to try in 2019

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Online gaming has become more accessible as technology becomes cheaper and cheaper. The market has exploded in the last decade, with South Korea, China and the United States housing the most profitable market in the world. eSports, which has the best video game players in the world, duke it out for prize pots that have been worth in the millions. It’s no wonder that sports and eSports are so similar, so combining the two is a no brainer. Why not try out a competitive sports game? Here are 5 sports games you have to try in 2019.

R.B.I. Baseball 19

R.B.I. Baseball is one of the most realistic baseball sims on mobile. The animation has gotten better since their last instalment, and the Franchise Mode lets you control your chosen team across multiple seasons. Your team could win the championship during that mode, but new to this instalment is the Legends team that can play in Exhibition Mode. There are multiple all-star players to choose from, and you can make your own fantasy baseball team right from your mobile phone. Similar to the console editions of baseball games, there are weekly roster updates.

R.B.I. does cost a few dollars, but it’s more than worth the price. I would pick this one up.

Bicicleta Slot Game

Depending on who you ask, certain casino games are considered a sport. This isn’t usually the case with slots, but Bicicleta may be an exception. Bicicleta slots, made by Yggdrasil Gaming was released in anticipation of Euro 2016. The slot machine features 25 pay lines and 5 reels, so there are multiple opportunities available. In the bonus round, you will have the chance to bicycle kick goals into the net for awesome bonuses. 

Archery World Tour

This came as a shock to me because I don’t like to watch Archery on television, but playing as one is really fun. The game has multiple levels that get harder as they go, but the game is pretty advanced for something you can get for free. Wind resistance, distance and the number of arrows you have in play have a significant effect on your score and gameplay. I had a lot of fun with this one.

Billiard Master Pro

It’s tough to mess up billiards, but this flash version is quite fun. You can choose your game style from 8-ball mode to straight pool, and you can play with a computer or with a friend. Straight pool lets you play solo to practice your online Billiard skills. Like with most browser games, playing Billiards Master Pro is easy to play; just aim and shoot. The physics work pretty well, and the graphics are pretty decent for a free game.

Mini Golf Master

One of my favourite things to do as a kid was play mini-golf games on flash websites. Wanted 5 Games has created a fun, exciting and interactive experience called Mini Golf Master. You start on easy, and you level up as you play different holes. The better you golf, the faster you level up. The interface is pretty straight forward. You click the golf ball and pull back the mouse and release to set it flying. I had a lot of fun with this game and played it longer than I meant to.

Air Hockey Online

Despite what the title says, you don’t actually play online with other players. Air Hockey Online is still a wicked fun game that brings the feel of the arcade into your home. It’s simplistic but works wonders. There are 3 difficulty settings: easy, normal and hard. The computer player on easy beat me, mostly because I’m not very good at this game. Still, I had a lot of fun; the computer player is actually challenging.

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