Betting tips for the Upcoming Premier League Season

Are you excited for the new EPL season? Liverpool will take on Norwich City Friday night. West Ham will welcome Man City the following day while Arsenal, Chelsea and Man United will all be in action on Sunday.

You’ve probably booked your tickets, or maybe you’ll watch your favorite team play at the comfort of your house. Regardless, if you love betting, this is the right time to prepare for the entire season. You want to win more matches than last season, right? Figure out how to minimize losses

Here are six tips to help you reduce your losses this season and maximize your wins.

#1: Evaluate your Past Betting Records

Before you place your first bet of the season, pull out last year’s betting records. Examine all the games you wagered and put them into categories. List successful home and away wins. Also, note the losing bets so that you can further analyze them to determine why you lost.

Did you commit obvious mistakes you want to avoid this season? Maybe you supported your favorite team too frequently. You probably followed your friend’s prediction as opposed to researching each game. You don’t want to repeat that error this season. 

Analyzing your records also helps you draw patterns that you can exploit for more profits or reduce unnecessary losses. For example, you might find out Man City dominated the last ten teams in both home and away competitions. If Man City maintain last season’s form this season, they could be as dominant as they were last season.

#2: Review your Betting Resources

They say information is power, and this applies to sports betting also. Without data, your football predictions are nothing more than guesses. You need a plethora of resources to help you research games, get clues about upcoming matches, and make predictions correctly.

Of course, not all resources contribute to helping you make correct predictions. Some statistics are more useful in EPL predictions that others. In an example, previous team meetings and each club’s rank on the table are crucial. By contrast, how the teams performed 20 years ago may not be relevant in today’s league.

If you’re like most punters, you probably also use tipster sites to improve your betting predictions. As the new season begins, examine your tipsters to determine whether they added value to your wagers last season.

The best prediction sites offer top tips for EPL matches every week. What’s more, their analyses are spot on most of the time. These are the tipsters to follow this season. You want to rely on sites that research meticulously and offer predictions together with enough reasons to back them up.

Find Betting Bonuses

Bookies are most generous at the start of new EPL seasons. They know you want to join a new betting site. To lure you to their platforms, they’ll award you a 100% bonus on your first deposit. Alternatively, they can gift you free bets worth up to £100.

Regardless, this is an excellent time to find betting bonuses to kick start your betting campaign. Look out for free bets with no wagering requirements as these are the best kinds of offers. With no playthrough times, whatever you win from the free bet can be withdrawn instantly.

Most bookie bonuses come with a catch, regrettably. You must make a deposit and place a bet to qualify for a bonus. What’s more, you must wager your wins severally before you can withdraw the cash. Despite this, hunt for free bets on multiple sites and claim those that offer the most value without too many qualification demands.

Make sure you don’t quit betting sites right after claiming their bonuses. You’ll need their services throughout the season. You’ll probably like one platform over others. But join multiple betting sites so that you have numerous places to compare odds before placing wagers.

Focus on Value Odds this Season

Focusing on value is a concept you’ve probably heard of before. Instead of betting on the easiest predictions available, look out for markets that promise great value for your bets. In return, every correct prediction will bring back a high return on investment.

Although high-value odds carry more significant risks than most matches, they’re not impossible to predict correctly. After all, these are markets in which bookmakers underrate a team or a player. If you can identify which clubs are underrated, you’ll be able to beat the house more frequently.

You can find value odds in all types of football wagers. From straight win predictions to over and under games, corners, and props—there’s always a game where one opponent is undeservedly underrated. 

Test New Strategies 

Although there’s no wrong time to adopt a new betting strategy, there’s no better time to do this than at the start of a new season. You can do something you’ve never done before, combine multiple strategies, or improve on your existing systems.

If you’ve always wanted to try accumulators, place your first ACCA over the weekend. Bet on home teams to win if that’s your new strategy or combine a few tricks and examine the results.

You probably have a few theories you gained by analyzing the previous season you believe could work this year too. Maybe you discovered nearly all matches among the top six EPL teams end with both sides scoring. If that’s the case, places higher goal-goal bets when the top six teams face off this season. 

You probably picked clues about how specific teams perform after their key players get injured. Review trends you gained by analyzing previous records and test them this season. They may or may not work, but you’ll learn more insights on how to approach future bets.

To Conclude

Before the EPL starts, review your past betting records and analyze them for patterns. Find out what stats helped you win and which ones proved to be useless. Identify mistakes you did last season and avoid them in this new football calendar.

Find betting bonuses to help you test new strategies or to boost your profits. Evaluate the tipsters you follow and narrow down to those with the highest win rates. In the end, you want to complete this season with a high return for your investment and the least amount of losses possible. 

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