The Best Sports to Bet on for Beginners

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The popularity of sports is at an all-time high presently. There once was a time when sport was a niche career, and not everyone was inclined to take it seriously. The last decade though has seen a rise in the sports superstars. Many athletes have now achieved stardom that goes beyond international fame. Then there is the money involved in sports. Not just limited to the more famous games, players participating in competitions on a regional level are also earning a lot of money. Corporate sponsorship, celebrity endorsements, and the inclusion of businesses wanting a pie of sports has resulted in money pouring into games and players across the board. 

Along with the clubs and teams, fans, punters, and bookmakers are enjoying the benefits of the rise in sports viewership. As a result, there’s been a notable increase in sports betting from college competitions all the way to professional events. With the help of technology, bettors can now indulge in sports betting while sitting in their home or travelling the world, through their mobile devices. But where does a beginner start? There is the possibility, to begin with, a sport that you are familiar with, but if not, here are your best and most profitable options.



Horse Racing

A century-old sport, horse racing has enthralled enthusiast now with its fast-paced money-making results. The ideal game for amateurs, and a must for professionals, horse racing, is relatively easy to follow and requires little research before the race. Competitions take place around the world, throughout the year, giving punters the chance to place wagers whenever they like. The best betting sites for horse racing have a simple user interface so that everyone can focus on the bets rather than getting bogged down by unnecessary information. 

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The most loved game in the world is also the most popular sport to bet on. Bettors can set wagers on several factors related to any particular match. From choosing the winner to the number of total goals scored and who will score them, bookmakers give out odds for almost every possible situation. As a beginner, start with smaller bets, spread out across the competition. It is also smart to bet on local events where the bookies might have little knowledge and thus give out odds that are in your favour. 


Although there are many tennis competitions taking place at various times during the year, the four major grand slams are the real moneymakers. Bookies have advance odds out for the taking months before the start of the tournaments. The best part about betting on tennis is that you need not worry about an entire team’s performance. As an individual sport, very much like golf, the focus of your research before pacing a wager is limited to a few players.


Thanks to the growing admiration for cricket, a number of nations are slowly turning professional, making bookmakers take the game even more seriously. However, there are a few competitions that stand out as iconic and thus already attract enthusiastic punters. The Ashes is one of the most passionately competed events with England and Australia going head-to-head for five test matches. On a more regional level, the Indian Premier League, full of surprises and international players, is a now a significant betting option for anyone with a passing interest in the game. 

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