5 intense sports rivalries: Heated feuds that last the test of time


A good sports rivalry isn’t just about the teams, players, and coaches on each side of the field. It is also about the history and fans of the teams involved. Sports fans can witness their favourite rivalries and use the BetMGM bonus to wager on the team they believe will win the big games. Sports rivalries are oftentimes about more than just the game alone and these 5 intense sports rivalries are proof of how deep the hatred goes. 

Celtic and Rangers

Glasgow is split between the green of Celtic and the blue of Rangers. There is no in-between in the Scottish capital. The Celtic versus Rangers rivalry isn’t just about football, rather it has a lot to do with the religious divide between Catholics and protestants in Scotland. Fans of Celtic and Rangers are anticipating the next Old Firm Derby and the impact it will have on Scottish football. Supporters can visit their favourite sportsbook to wager on the team they believe will win the next derby. 

The bitter divide between the two religions is played out on the pitch when Celtic and Rangers meet in matches. Known as the Old Firm, the two hated rivals have been playing against one another since 1888 when Celtic drew first blood with a 5-2 win. Today, the rivalry between the two teams is as intense as ever.

New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox

The rivalry between Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox is about two major northeastern American cities trying to one up the other. The feud between the teams started when the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees in 1919.

Many believe a curse resulted in the sale of the slugger with the Yankees consistently dominating the Red Sox until the 2000s. No MLB rivalry is as intense as when these two teams take the baseball diamond. It isn’t uncommon to see a fight break out between players during a Yankees-Red Sox games due to the intense atmosphere. 

Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield were boxing’s two premier fighters of the 1980s and 1990s. Their rivalry went back long before both were champions in the pro ranks. Holyfield defeated Tyson in 1984 as an amateur allowing him to qualify for the US Olympic team.

Twelve years later, they met as professionals for the first time with Holyfield defeating Tyson. It was at a point in which Tyson was on the downward slope of his career and it led to one of the most infamous moments in boxing history. Millions of fans around the world witnessed Tyson bite off Holyfield’s ear in the rematch. The incident is still one of the biggest sporting moments of the last 100 years.

Rafael Nadel vs. Roger Federer


Rafael Nadel and Roger Federer are two of tennis’ all-time greats. The rivalry between the two began in 2004 when a then 17-year-old Nadal upset Federer, who was the world’s No. 1. The two have been at the top of their tennis game ever since and a match between them provides drama for spectators.

The dominance of the big 3 in tennis

Federer has got the better of his rival over the years posting a 24-16 record. Their last meeting came in 2019 in the Wimbledon semifinal. Federer once again got the best of his long-time opponent in four sets.

Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson

Although Phil Mickelson has won 44 career PGA Tour tournaments, he will live in the shadow of Tiger Woods forever. Mickelson is a golf great but has had the misfortune of playing in Woods’ generation thus being overshadowed.

The two legends have a strong rivalry due to being two of the PGA Tour’s best golfers for over two decades. The rivalry spawned a one-off goal competition between the two in 2018 called The Match. The unofficial event saw the duo compete in head to head match play with the winner taking home $9 million. Mickelson outlasted Woods and won the competition.


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