CBD Heart Rate: How Can CBD Help Manage An Athlete’s Overall Heart Health

CBD Heart Rate

The active lifestyle of athletes increases their chances of developing an athlete’s heart. This is a non-pathological condition that occurs to athletes who regularly undergo prolonged and rigorous exercise.

When athletes participate in high-intensity workouts in longer periods, their hearts are forced to adapt to the situation. Their hearts pump more blood to supply all of their working muscles with nutrients and oxygen. As a result, their hearts (particularly in the bottom left chamber) increase in size and thickness, while their resting heart rate starts to lower than normal.

While an athlete’s heart is potentially harmless, working out nonstop can lead to an enlarged heart. This health condition can result in complications, such as heart failure, blood clots, and cardiac arrest. 

Fortunately, CBD can prevent all of these things from happening and improve an athlete’s overall heart health. Here’s how:

Lowers Blood Pressure

Even though athletes are physically fit, they’re not completely safe from high blood pressure or hypertension. This health condition develops due to smoking, obesity, consumption of excessive salt, stress, and genetics. An athlete who regularly trains but regularly smokes or is often stressed will likely experience hypertension.

The use of CBD should be added to every athlete’s lifestyle because it helps hypertension. Studies have proven that single CBD use can reduce blood pressure, and using it for a longer period can maximize its benefits.

CBD can help treat hypertension because of its anti-inflammatory and antidepressant properties. Hypertension can cause inflammation and vice versa. Because CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, using it regularly will soothe and eliminate any swelling in the body. As the inflammation in the body is healed, the blood pressure is also reduced.

The same notion works with CBD’s antidepressant properties. Hypertension can occur because of too much stress and anxiety. CBD works by normalizing your heart rate and keeping your mind and body in a calmer state. Once your stress levels drop, your blood pressure will also start to reduce.

CBD Heart Rate

Prevents Myocarditis

Myocarditis is defined as the inflammation of the heart muscle. This health condition can significantly deteriorate the heart’s muscle, its electrical system, and the ability to pump blood. As a result, myocarditis can worsen and cause rapid or abnormal heart rate. 

Myocarditis can weaken the heart, disabling other parts of the body to get a sufficient supply of blood. Blood that should be distributed to the body will remain in the heart and will eventually form huge clots. These blood clots can lead to stroke and heart attack.

Myocarditis usually develops as a viral infection, but it can also occur if the body negatively reacts to a drug or when an inflammation condition is left untreated for a long period. Since athletes take supplements to boost their physical performance, they’re prone to develop myocarditis.

Recent studies have shown evidence that CBD can effectively reduce autoimmune diseases, such as myocarditis. Some research also found that CBD can reduce oxidative stress, a condition that causes inflammation.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, as mentioned above, can also treat the swelling of the heart muscles. Since the muscles and nerves are no longer inflamed and narrow, it’ll be easier for the heart to pump and distribute blood. When the heart is in its optimal condition, all other organs and systems in the body can function properly.

Avoid and Recover From Stroke

When the blood supply of the brain is altered or minimized, the brain tissue will be deprived of nutrients and oxygen. Within minutes, the brain cells will start to die, causing a stroke. 

Stroke can occur to individuals who have hypertension, diabetes, and regularly smokes. Any athlete can meet this criterion, making them susceptible to develop stroke.  

This disease is the fifth leading cause of disability and death in the US. Stroke can also damage the left side of the drain, causing memory problems, behavior changes, and difficulty in speaking and understanding.  

CBD can help any athlete avoid and recover from a stroke. Whenever a person experiences a stroke, the entire body is inflamed, and this inflammation is what causes the clot in the brain. This clot blocks the brain from supplying blood, resulting in a stroke.

CBD can shield the brain from a stroke because it can lower the level of cytokine (hyperactivity of the receptors in the brain causing inflammation), preventing it from killing active brain cells. CBD is also packed with antioxidants that can counteract cellular oxidation. Antioxidants found in CBD can also eliminate dead cells and toxins from the blood vessels, helping the brain function again.

When it comes to recovery, CBD can also help as it can increase the blood flow to areas damaged by stroke.

Safety First

For athletes to become successful in their fields and maintain their health, rest should always be included in their routine. Going overboard with any physical training can only lead to more harm than good.

If you’re an aspiring athlete, remember to balance your time between exercise and rest. When consuming CBD, always ask your doctors for their approval first. CBD might benefit your heart, but the wrong dosage and potency can also create adverse effects.

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