The most injury prone sports

One of our most popular articles over the past few years has been “the most dangerous sports”  in this post we discussed the most dangerous sports based on serious injuries or even death.   In this article we are going to focus on the most injury prone, some of these sports are not classed as dangerous but do result in a lot of injuries.  Sports like the highly entertaining and hugely brave bull riding are massively injury prone but for this article we are focusing on more mainstream sports

Skiing / Snowboarding

injury prone sports

Strap on the boots and enjoy one of the most exhilarating sports out there, you get the fresh mountain air, beautiful scenery and you can go as fast as you like.  But anyone who has been skiing knows the risks involved and in most groups that go away skiing, at least one person comes back injured.  Broken bones, sprains, dislocations, concussion and bruising as all common injuries, and if you like downhill skiing which is one of the fastest non motorised sports in the world then prepare for some big falls!

Snowboarding may be much slower than skiing but that doesn’t make it less injury prone, wrist, shoulder, and ankle injuries are more common among snowboarders.  (Wrist injuries are the most common snowboarding injury)


Probably a surprise to many, but for a non contact sport, there is a lot of contact!  Also playing on hardwood floors can make for pretty sore falls and shin splints are common.  Basketball is a very fast games which relies on quick acceleration and deceleration, the nature of these impact moves results in common muscle and ligament damage.

The most common sports injuries


Rugby is most likely the most injury prone sport there is, the full contact game requires physical strength, brute power and ability to endure knocks and whacks for best part of 80 minutes.  Being stuck in 8 man mauls as a forward takes a massive toll on the body, while constant tackling and impacts in the backs can result in some very nasty and common injuries.  Rugby is also one of the most concussion prone sports.


Similar to rugby NFL is a game of constant collisions, they maybe must better protected than rugby players with lot’s of padding and helmets, but the game is still a plethora of injuries due to big hits.


injury prone sports - equestrian

Racing and jumping on the back of an unpredictable moving living creature that weight 8 times more than you is can result in big falls and no matter how much padding and protection you may be wearing, it is very hard to predict a fall or a slight stutter from a horse.  Showjumping, eventing, nation hunt and flat racing result in the most injuries in equestrian sports

Ice Hockey

 injury prone sports - hockey

Both hockeys on our list are 2 of the most physically demanding sports.  Lets start with ice hockey, firstly you are skating at high speeds on a rock hard ice rink, so any fall can be very painful.  Secondly the speed at which you skate chasing a lightening fast puk results in some pretty big collisions.  Broken bones and concussion are pretty standard ice hockey injuries, add in the standard mid fight punch ups and you have definitely one of the most injury prone sports there is!

Field Hockey

injury prone sports - hockey

A rock hard ball a hockey stick and fast surfaces make hockey one of the fastest field sportsThe speed of the game means a huge amount of running during matches.  Also players may have to play up to 3 matches a week during competition, resulting in a lot of wear and tare on the body.  Muscle and ligament damage are common as are bruises from ball and stick hits.


Another very fast non contact field sport that often results in collisions, Lacrosse players often suffer from strains, potential sprains/tears and potential concussion.

How to treat muscle cramp


injury prone sports - boxing

Where do we even start! The sole goal of this sport is to punch his opponent out, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that this isn’t an injury free sport.  The training itself is rigorous and boxers are some of the fittest athletes in sport.  Being hit constantly boxing means a lot of cuts, bruises and concussion.  The training also takes its toll on the body so muscle damage can be common as well as broken bones in the hands.


Similar to boxing the gaol in MMA is to beat your opponent but in MMA involves beating your opponent by any means possible – kicks, knees, elbow and punches are all fair game, enough said!  Through out the history of the UFC there have been some real nasty injuries caught on camera including broken legs!

Mottocross / BMX / Mountain Biking

most injury prone sports

Paul Caldwell

Any sport where you go fast on bikes can be dangerous but once you include obstacles, ramps, jumps and downhill racing, things can get pretty hairy.  All 3 of the above biking sports are pretty famous for nasty injuries

injury prone sports

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