Rackets sports and cardio fitness

Different sport serve different purposes and everyone of them are healthy in some way or form.  But if you really want to shed pounds and tone up, you need to do high intensity workouts.  Raising the intensity level and the time period of your workout means your body will continue to burn calories throughout the rest of the day.  This will result on more weight loss and build more muscle mass in a shorter amount of time.

We want to focus on a list of sports that are accessible to most people and are going to start by covering racket sports.

Racket Sports and Cardio

All Rackets sports are great cardio as chasing a small ball moving at high speed means you need to be moving quick in every direction.  All racket sports require fast sprints, lunges, pivots lateral movements.  You will burn energy in short but powerful bursts.   The higher the level you play at, the more intense the workout will be.

Our tip would be try them all and choose the one that you enjoy most.


racket sports cardio

This high speed racket sport is long known to be one of the best workouts in sport, it’s hugely intense and you need to be able to cover the court in lightening speed while requiring a lot of skill and concentration.  It rare to see people coming off a squash court not dripping in sweat.  We rank squash as the most intensive racket sport.

Sports that require the most fitness


racket sports cardio

The workout you get from tennis can vary a huge amount depending on the level you play at.  Beginners will struggle to get good rallies and balls will be moving at low speeds, therefore the workout isn’t intense.  However as you move up levels, its a completely different ball game!   You have to cover an area bigger than a squash court, chase and accurately hit balls moving at high speed.  Tennis requires a high level of fitness and big concentration.  You will get a much better cardio workout playing singles tennis as opposed to doubles.

 The fastest sports in the world

Padel Tennis

racket sports cardio

Padel is played as a doubles game on a much smaller court than tennis.  But because the back and side walls are used it can be quite a vigorous game.   It’s an easier sport to learn and play than squash or tennis and can be played at high levels by people at most ages.  Similar to tennis workouts become much more intense as you play at higher levels or with better players.

Learn all about Padel Tennis and it’s growth across the world


Racketball or Racquetball is very similar to squash, and so be prepared to sweat profusely!   The game requires a good degree of fitness and you will burn lots of calories.  Racquetball, similar to squash, demands many twists, turns, and dives, lunges while trying to return a small ball moving at very high speed.


Pickle was invented the USA in 1965 as a backyard sport.   It’s is a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong using a paddle and plastic ball with holes. It is a game that is appropriate for players of all ages and skill levels. But has become very popular with older folks because of the ease of play.

We would rank pickleball as the lowest cardio intensity workout of the different racket sports.  Both Pickle and Padel are among the fastest growing sports in the world.

The other fastest growing sports around the world

Table Tennis

racket sports cardio

Due to the size of the table, table tennis doesn’t require a lot of running!  However if you watch the sport being played by advanced or professional players you can see the intensity of it.  We rank it pretty low when compared to the rest of the racket sports above.

The best sports for weight loss 

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