The Best Locations To Go Extreme Camping This Year


Camping can be all about basking in the glory of the great outdoors by spending days wandering about the natural gifts offered by Mother Nature. But, nature isn’t only about butterflies and daisies. Specific camping locations might require you to do more than sit in front of a campfire. 

Here are five of the best extreme camping locations to check out this year. 

extreme camping

Death Valley National Park

Sitting outside of Alaska, Death Valley National Park lets campers marvel at mysterious singing rocks and mountain-sized sand dunes. Here, you’ll also encounter below-sea-level salt flats. However, don’t expect your trip to this park to be easy. 

Make sure to bring plenty of liquids because Death Valley might be the hottest and direst place in the US. Temperatures might reach 49 degrees Celsius, and the average rainfall is only about two inches per year. 

But, despite the dry climate, this area is home to many flora and fauna. For instance, you might find the Desert Bighorn Sheep sitting on top of a dune. Otherwise, take a gander at the Creosote bushes scattered across the park. 

Bring the right camping gear if you want to visit this extreme location. Consider checking the right pieces of camping equipment before your trip. 

Laojun Mountain Summer Camp

If you have a liking for heights, then mark Laojun Mountain Summer Camp as your next camping destination. Found in China’s Henan province, this summer campsite attracts many campers every year to celebrate a local festival. 

You can experience pitching tents at heights of over 3,300 feet above sea level. But, you need to hike to the campsite first – the path is about 6,500 feet long. 

To get to this extreme camping location, you need to travel two miles away from Luoyang City. Once you reach the campsite, you can enjoy mesmerizing views of the horizon. Still, take note that these sights aren’t for the faint of heart, especially if you have a fear of heights. 

The preparation for this outdoor adventure might require more time, effort, and equipment than your average camping trip. But, watching the sun rise over the horizon is worth the extra energy.

Zone of Death

The name Zone of Death already warn campers who wish to stay away from dangerous places. This 50-square-mile stretch is in Yellowstone National Park. The location is massive as it spills over Idaho’s border. 

This isolated camping ground is devoid of roads or permanent human residents. But, the name of this campsite doesn’t come from its harsh living conditions. Instead, this location gained its name because of a legal loophole. 

As per the US Sixth Amendment, the suspect has the right to a jury coming from the state where the accused committed the crime. However, there’s a 130-square-kilometer patch in this area that doesn’t belong to either state. Hence, people can get away with various illegal activities if they committed those felonies in that area. 

So, if you’re brave enough to gain the potential of dancing with criminals, then the Zone of Death might be your next camping destination. 


extreme camping

Many people might think that outdoor camping vacations consist of forests. But, you can brave the freezing climate in the polar south. 

The cold weather might be the first of your challenges as you pitch your tent in the arctic. Here, you can’t bring food because it might get frozen before you reach the campsite. Also, you can’t go to the bathroom as it might be dangerous for your liquids to freeze while urinating. 

So, you’ll have to learn ice fishing to gather food while you’re in Antarctica. Otherwise, you might find yourself getting hungry while trying to gain a decent amount of heat in this frozen wonderland. 

Great Sail Peak

You might think the Laojun Mountain Summer Camp is already scary because of the high elevation level. But, Great Sail Peak might be on another level if you want extreme camping conditions at high altitudes. 

Your campsite in Great Sail Peak is 5,200 feet above sea level. Your camping tent might hang from a rock. Thus, one false move might lead you to fall to the jagged rocks below. 

Thrill-seekers across the globe head to this camping ground to look at its northwest face. This attraction is a go-to place for many mountain climbers. 


Camping in extreme conditions might pit you against dangerous animals, harsh weather conditions, or even criminal masterminds. Make sure to check, and double-check, your gear before you head to any of the perilous camping locations mentioned above.

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