The Must-Have Sports Apps for Your Phone

The Must-Have Sports Apps for Your Phone

For sports fans around the world, following up on events, or even their favorite teams and players is important. However, not all events get televised, but thanks to technology, everything could be right at your fingertips. Whether you are into football, rugby, motorsport, athletics, cricket, or any other sport, new ways have been devised to ensure that you are always up to date with what is happening around the sports world. 

While all this information can be gotten online, it might not be as prompt as with sports apps. Sports enthusiasts can follow the latest news on the Betway insider sports news which gives timely updates at a simple click. Here we take a look at the must-have sports apps for your phone.

#1. Bleacher Report

For real time updates and sports news, Bleacher Report is the app for you. Like with many other apps, you can favorite teams to get all the updates as they flow, and to ensure you do not miss a thing. Information is gathered from a host of reliable online sources, meaning that every piece of information is both correct and up to date.

#2. TheScore

If you’re looking for an app that gives you exclusive sports analysis, quick updates, and a reliable partner for upcoming events, theScore is the ultimate choice. Even further, you can get personalized info on selected matches or events. While there are several sports apps for iPhone and Android users, very few will provide information as reliable and precise as this one app.

#3. MLS

For prompt updates on soccer scores, and on-demand video features, look no further. MLS provides the latest news, calendars for upcoming events, standings, and match details for all the featured events. There is the personalization feature from where you can get real-time updates and stats on selected matches. It is ideal for fans who would like to follow particular matches or events without interruptions.

#4. Yahoo Sports

Besides providing sports news and updates on the Yahoo domain, there is a dedicated sports app for Android and iPhone users. On this platform, you can catch all the NHL and MLB action live for free. It is an app like no other, with an exclusive sports news segment authored by top analysts from around the world. While initially it covered exclusive sports events from the United States of America, it has grown to incorporate other events from Europe and all over the world.

#5. ESPN

One of the latest, but most reliable sports apps, ESPN gives you all the latest sports news, and everything you need to know regarding what is happening around the sports world. It is easy to customize and get real-time information on selected teams or events right on your phone. For betting fans, it helps you keep follow events live after betting with Betway, and at the same time, provides you with all the necessary information about different teams before placing a bet.

ESPN is a reliable app, but the only downside is that there is a monthly subscription required to access live videos from your Smartphone.


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