Clinch a Winning Streak in Super Bowl 54 by Paying Attention to These 5 Factors  

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Clinch a Winning Streak in Super Bowl 54 by Paying Attention to These 5 Factors  

On February 2, 2020, the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, will once again be filled with loud roars and cheers. The 100th season of the NFL, the Super Bowl 54, is set to grace in this big venue. There are more than ten teams who will vie for this year’s Super Bowl championship title. 

The New England Patriots and The Baltimore Ravens continue to make headlines in leading sports publications as both teams are favored to win the upcoming finals. However, the winning teams from AFC (American Football Conference) and NFC (National Football Conference) Division are also making their own noises as the toughest challengers to brawl with the highly favored ones. 

Apart from cheering for their favorite teams, fans are also excited to witness this prestigious event due to the entertainment and betting opportunities it renders. Super Bowl 54 offers massive opportunities for wagering games that each bettor can participate in. 

If you want to play at the Super Bowl 54 betting games, there are some DFS tips and betting formula you can apply to bring home the bacon. 


It refers both to the skills of each player and a team as a whole. You must understand how each player will perform in the field from the beginning of the game until the end. Remember that a football team is composed of eight positions where the goalkeeper takes the hardest responsibility.

Other positions include full-backs (left and right), Center-Backs (Central Defender), Sweeper, Central Midfield, Wide Midfield (left and right), Striker (center forward), and Behind the Striker. You need to ensure that you do thorough research about the players and observe their pacing  in the entire game. 

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Offensive Efficiency 

The offense refers to how each team player defends the ball from their rival in hitting the goal. It is the primary skill that every team needs to develop because if the other side strikes a goal, then your desired entry may have a hard time recovering. The offensive efficiency works best in the red zone, and if you bet for a team with these skills, you can hit the bullseye. 

Also, the pass yards in each attempt is a major factor you can consider in choosing the right team to bet for the Super Bowl 54. When the team is coherent in this area, then they are doing their best in offensive efficiency. Regardless of what the circumstance looks like, you can wager for the team with this skill. 


Turnovers refer to the mistake made by the team member where they lose possession of the ball without kicking. It means that the other team has a chance of controlling it and  earning a possible goal. You must not miss studying this factor when you opt to select a group that you are going to gamble in the NFL finals.

Make sure that you study each team’s turnover ratings. For example, if the New England Patriots hold the lowest record of turnovers, they are an excellent team to bet. If they are doing the other way around, then it’s time to change your plans. 

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Winning Probability 

This NFL betting formula talks about how your chosen team’s overall performance will flow in all their pre-season games. As stated, the teams competing in the 2020 NFL Super Bowl 54 are titleholders from AFC and NFC Divisions. It means that they generated game records that you can refer to and study. 

You can check the winning probability of each team by comparing their performances in their previous games. You can also review the performances of each team member, especially their goalkeepers, to know their strengths and weaknesses. If you are going to include it to your betting formula, then you can pick the right team to wager. 

Home Court Advantage

The 2020 NFL Super Bowl 54 is set to happen in the State of Florida. It’s interesting that this year, Miami Dolphins failed to enter the NFL finals, and there’s no home-court advantage as every team plays the guest’s role. However, the home-court position does not only talk about the team coming from the same location. 

It also refers to the popularity that a team earned from the fans for the entire season. This year, the Saints, Packers, Patriots, and Chiefs earn a home-court advantage from all football fans because of their winning odds. 


Betting the 2020 NFL Super Bowl 54 is undoubtedly an entertaining way to earn money. Aside from participating in the most festive football event of the year, your chance of growing your bankroll is also high. So, when you plan to wager in the upcoming NFL finals, don’t forget to apply this betting formula to increase your chances of winning.

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