What Can Viewers Expect From The 2020 Tokyo Olympics? 

What Can Viewers Expect From The 2020 Tokyo Olympics? 

Every four years the Summer Olympic Games capture the interest and excitement of many fans and viewers all over the world. The last games were held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and had an incredible audience with over 7.5 million tickets sold to watch the sporting events in person. Of course, there were also millions of viewers watching at home too as the Olympic Broadcasting Services distributed over 40,000 hours of television footage during the games. As one of the biggest sporting events in the world, the Olympic Games holds the interests of many sports fans from many different disciplines. Many aim to purchase tickets or tune into their TV sets to watch exciting events such as diving, dressage, tennis, gymnastics, cycling, and many more. 

What is new to the events programme? 

The next Olympic Games are set to take place in Tokyo, Japan 2020 in July, but what do these games have in store for us this time? While there are fans who are looking forward to seeing familiar events such as the men’s 100 meter sprint, there might also be some new fans tuning in to watch new sports make their Olympic debut. Next year, there are many new and returning sports in 2020, such as skateboarding and karate. In 2008, both baseball and softball were removed from the summer programme but are set to make a return this coming year. 


One of the new disciplines that have been added to the summer programme next year is surfing. It is one of the new sports that has been proposed by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee to bring more vibrant and youthful events to the programme. This sporting event will bring its own unique challenges as riders have to tackle the unpredictable conditions on Japan’s Pacific coastline. Surfers not only have to compete against each other but they also have to tackle conditions that affect the waves, wind, and tide. If the weather is great for the events, this will be one sport not to miss out on next summer.


Another new event that will help bring in a younger global audience is skateboarding. In the 2020 summer games programme, audiences can watch events such as the men’s and women’s Park and Street events. In the street competition, fans can enjoy watching world-class skaters on a course that features benches, stairs, curbs, and more. On the other hand, in the Park competitions, there will be where skaters displaying their skills with mid-air and ramp tricks. For further information on what to expect from this new Olympic event, check out this skateboarding at the 2020 Olympics guide from Slick Willie’s. 

Sport Climbing

Sport climbing is yet another new sport that is making its debut in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo next year. This event provides great entertainment for sports fans as they get to see climbers test their skills on a variety of climbing walls. Climbers will have their skills and strength tested as they use a range of hand and foot holds to make their way to the top of the wall. The sport climbing event will feature three disciplines in 2020: Bouldering, Lead, and Speed. Climbers will compete in all disciplines so sports fans will get the chance to see their favourite climber display a variety of skills in each one. 


For individuals who are interested in martial arts, Karate is another sport that is making its debut appearance at the Tokyo 2020 games. It has been a long journey for the discipline to be included in the Olympics as progress to secure a place on the programme dates back to the 1970s. Next year, the karate events will be held at the Nippon Budokan indoor arena located in Chiyoda, Tokyo. Both men and women will compete against the competition in Kumite (sparring) and kata (forms) practice. 


It will be interesting for everyone to see just how these new sports will be received in the next summer games held on 24th July 2020 – 9th August. Sports fans and enthusiasts will get to see a range of world-class professionals make their debut appearance in the Olympics and it will be exciting to see how well they perform. For further information on the games and sporting events, visit today to find out more.

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