2020 NFL Playoffs – The End Game

In season terms over at the NFL, we’re in the end game now!  The regular season is over and the we’re now into the vital divisional play offs, leading up to the Super Bowl Super LIV, the 54th Super Bowl.  It will be held at the Hard Rock Cafe Stadium in Miami Garden in 2nd Feb 2020. The Super Bowl is now the second biggest annual sporting event in the world


2020 NFL Playoffs

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Playoffs so far

The 2020 NFL Playoffs started on Saturday, Jan 4th where, a total of 11 play games will narrow the playoff pitch from 12 postseason contenders to one champion.

One of the biggest surprises of the wild-card round came in New England on Saturday, where the Titans pulled off a monumental upset to the Patriots – the most successful NFL team of all time, beating them 20-13 and eliminating the New England Patriots from the playoffs.    Also on Saturday, home team, the Texans defeated the Bills 22-19.

The first round of the NFC playoffs kicked off Sunday with another overtime game and a big upset as the Minnesota Vikings beat the New Orleans Saints 26-20 in overtime.  On the same day it would be the Seahawks who would defeat the Eagles 17-9.

Next up we have the Vikings who will play at home turf against the 49ers on Saturday the 11th, and on the same day the Baltimore Ravens will play at home and battle it out against the Titans.

On Sunday the 12th AFC fixtures teams the Texans and Chiefs go head to head in Kansas and in the NFC the Packers take on the Seahawks.


Packers V Seahawks

The Packers haven’t been to the Super Bowl since they won it in 2010 and the Seahawks haven’t won the Super Bowl since 2013.  But on Sunday the fourth-seeded Seattle Seahawks will travel to face the NFC’s second seed, the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, and our money is on the Packers.  They come off the back of crucial first-round bye, which means they are well rested for this big one.  This, the home advantage and the havoc wreaking The Smiths and Kenny Clark could make easy work of the Seattle offensive, giving the NFL odds in the Packers favour.

Another reason for the Packers being favourites in this leg is the Seahawks injury wows but this this doesn’t mean the Seahawks won’t put up a fight, and also, they have a hulk!  We’re taking about Russell Wilson.  He has had a world beating season with 31 touchdown passes, just five interceptions, 4,110 passing yards and a 106.3 passer rating.

Also the Packers will still have the 2014 NFC Championship Game in their minds – The game was over and the Green Bay Packers were going to Super Bowl XLIX.  But with 5:13 left and the Packers leading 19-7,  the Seahawks rallied for one of the greatest comebacks in sport and claimed a 28-22 victory in overtime.  This arguably one of the most painful losses in Packer history and won’t be easily forgotten on Sunday the 12th.

2020 Super Bowl preview

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