Top 5 Tips on Creating a Successful Sports Blog

successful sports blog

Nowadays anyone having a laptop, Internet connectivity and little bit of sports knowledge can set up their own sports blog. It implies that you will need to work really hard to make yours stand out from the crowd. Here in this short article, we will acquaint you with some important tips that can help you create a successful sports blog over a period of time.


Before we talk about these steps, please note, when working on a sports blog, you can never undermine the importance of staying updated about the latest sports events and writing about them on a regular basis. Obtaining fast results of different sporting events from reliable sources is the key.



Find a unique angle

Considering the number of sports blogs presently on the Internet, you will need to work extra hard to win a loyal following for yourself. The best way to gain readership is by focusing on some unique aspect that will make people return to your blog again and again. It could be anything like a quirky style of writing, weekly podcast, guest posts, interviews or anything. Study the top sports blogs and understand what makes them unique and so popular with their readers.

Post regularly

The initial part of your journey will be very difficult. You might post 3 wonderfully written articles in the first week and yet not get any good number of views. Many bloggers give up at this point. However, persisting and continuing on your journey is what will turn things around. Readers love blogs that offer regular updates and interesting articles on a daily basis. Why not make use of WordPress’ scheduling tool and make sure that something or the other is posted on a daily basis.

Make best and appropriate use of social media

Social media has evolved to be an excellent tool enabling bloggers to expand their reach across different reader groups. However, using it to your advantage isn’t that simple. For instance, when tweeting an article you must carefully select relevant hashtags and handles. Furthermore, it is very important to engage with others. Do not hesitate from posting links to stories published on other blogs. Bloggers build communities wherein they happily promote each other. In addition, tweeting live updates during major sports events can be instrumental in building a loyal following for your blog.


Don’t focus too much on monetisation initially

Agreed that blogging can make you handsome money, but that shouldn’t be the sole purpose of setting up a blog. You should work on building a readership first and only then think of money. Some well-known ways of monetising blogs is through ad space selling, merchandise sales, tickets etc. As a motivation, here are some wildly successful blogs that earn crazy incomes!

Work on the visual appeal of your posts

People love reading blog posts that feature appealing videos and/or photographs. It’s an additional dimension to keep them interested. Therefore, you must make it a habit to include at least one of them in every post, however, make sure to source them correctly. Else, you can always use copyright free images available on the Internet. Videos can be particularly useful as you can also feature replays of important matches and even players’ interviews.

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