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Another Six Nation is in full flow and first blood has been dealt.  France were beaten by England 19-12, Ireland beat Wales 18-14 and the Italians beat the Welsh 19-15.  But there lot’s more to come in round 2!

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2019 Six Nations

In 2019 it was England who would come out on top and claim their 15th Six Nation tile and 14th Grand Slam.  Both France and Italy won 3 and lost 2, but Italy claimed second place on points difference.  Wales were 4th, Ireland 5th and Scotland last with no wins out of the tournament.

We analyse the fitness of modern day rugby players

Here what the all time results table looks like:

Overall Six Nations Results

1. England

Played 24 tournaments, won 15 with 14 of those being grand slams.

2. France

Have played 21 tournaments, won 6 with 5 grand slams.

3. Ireland 

Have played 22 tournaments, won 2 with 1 grand slam.

4. Scotland 

Won one tournament out of 22.

Italy, Wales and Spain when they were included have never won a Women’s Six Nations.


We’ve hit the reset button so let’s look ahead to see what’s in store for this tournament.  England come into the tournaments as favourite, they are way ahead in overall tournament wins, the England mens team also have the most Six Nations wins.

But it’s always a tough task coming into a tournament having to defend their title, and France were always going to be their biggest hurdle, England the jumped over that 19-12.  Next up it’s:

England V’s Scotland

Rugby betting odds suggest Scotland are going to be in trouble in this bout.  England Fly-half Katy Daley-Mclean who has now racked up a  500 international points and will be hoping to add more to the list on Sunday.   England’s build-up has been slightly disrupted by injuries, with Marlie Packer out with ankle injury and Cath O’Donnell and Lagi Tuima also side-lined.  However even with injuries they are still too strong for most teams in the group.

Former Ireland coach Philip Doyle will have a big uphill battle if Scotland are to upset the reigning champions.

Ireland V’s Wales

Ireland held back a fighting Wales at Donnybrook Stadium in their first 2020 Six Nations outing.  The Irish team will take solace from this as it’s first competitive victory.  A debut from Dorothy Wall see’s a new dynamic which should help earn her a starting place against Wales who had a rather inconsistent campaign in 2019 finishing up in forth place.

All round 3 matched will take place on February 23rd:

France V Wales

Ireland V England

Italy V Scotland

Round 4 matched will be on the 7-8th March:

England V Wales

Scotland V France

Ireland V Italy

Round 5 matches will be on March 13th:

Wales V Scotland

England V Italy

France V Ireland


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